Wren Fashion Portraits

Recently, I got to do a fashion portraits session with a beautiful young woman named Wren.

Yes, like the bird.  🙂  (Loved her name, by the way.)

Wren is currently working as an independent film actress, and is highly active in the local film community!  We’ve been trying for months to put together the right portraits session for her, and it seemed every time we tried, she would get called to do something film-related.  (Absolutely no hard feelings, I say good on her!)  She’s living an exciting life and working towards lofty ambitions.  I admire that.

The fun thing about this particular fashion portraits session was that we did not one, not two, but three completely separate outfits for her.  Each chosen to showcase a different aspect of her personality.

We had something casual to bring out the cute, bright, bubbly, and cheerful attitude in her.  That’s when we got her laughing — an expression I always love to capture!  Then we did a sleek and sophisticated look to draw focus to her maturity and even a little sexy attitude.  And finally, we went with a business casual look to showcase her professionalism.  And yet we still got some fun shots with that when we had her play with her sunglasses — who says you can’t both take yourself seriously and have a little fun?

We picked a downtown location with plenty of options for neutral backdrops for her.  She did a great job!  I wish her luck with her future film-making endeavors.


Want to do your own fashion portraits session?  Visit the website and contact us to set up your personalized session!

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