Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: The Ringling

Whenever I heard the word “Ringling,” I naturally think of The Ringling Brothers and their famous circus.

And that is, indeed, where Sarasota’s beautiful Ringling Museum comes from!  There may not be three rings, or acrobats, or elephants and tigers.  But the Ringling Museum is a perfect place for a romantic and elegant wedding.

The Ringling is absolutely stunning.  From its Italian-inspired mansion to its rose gardens, it will take your breath away, and will provide a stunning backdrop for an elegant and sophisticated wedding.

If you want to really bring out that circus vibe, you can get married at the museum itself, complete with its own miniaturized circus.  You can even use a tent reminiscent of the Big Top!

Ringling-Elegance(photos courtesy of The Ringling)

Getting married outdoors is a great idea at this location.  There are the beautiful rose gardens — complete with their own little gazebo!  (And you know how I love a gazebo!)  Not to mention the courtyard and loggia, which offer all the romance and beauty of Italy.  “Lend your gathering an air of timeless elegance in a setting that defines romance and the romantic.  Dine and dance into the night surrounded by replicas of ancient Greek, Roman and Baroque statuary on magnificently manicured lawns.”  John Ringling himself would hold lavish and enchanted galas on the terrace.  There are many little quiet nooks and picturesque spots.  There are even stately pink columns — and you know how I love classic columns!

Ringling-Ca-D-Zan-wedding-receptionRingling-Sarasota-night-weddingRingling-Sarasota-WeddingOr, there is the creme de la creme of the Ringling complex — The Ca’ d’Zan mansion.  The perfect little slice of Italian fantasy right in Sarasota, Florida.

“The home to the circus king and his wife…Ca’ d’Zan stands as a testament to the American Dream of the Roaring Twenties.  Inspired by and designed in the Venetian Gothic style of the palazzos that ring the Venice canals, this dazzling palatial mansion perfectly captures the splendor and romance of the Italy the Ringlings so loved.”


The Ringling just ultimately sounds like the perfect blend of romance and charm, doesn’t it?  It’s like getting married in a dream.  A perfect location for a fairy tale wedding.


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