Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: The Cruz Building

You know, I feel a tad embarrassed that with all the Florida venues and vendors I am familiar with, that I am just now discovering this particular Miami gem.  But yes, I just recently ran across The Cruz Building, and I got so excited that I had to write a wish-list post about it.

Cruz-Building-Grand-Staircase(photos courtesy of The Cruz Building)

I’m not even sure where to start — there is just so much about this place that I find appealing!  Every space is unique and interesting, from the grandest spaces to the hidden little nooks.  My creativity gland goes into overdrive just thinking of the fun photos I could get with a bride and groom in such a setting!

Let’s share a little of their own perspective to paint an irresistible picture:

“Imagine…  Violinists serenading your guests from a series of alcoves overlooking an interior courtyard, complete with a bubbling fountain…

Imagine…  Making a grand entrance down a sweeping marble and brass staircase, underneath a 28-foot stained glass atrium ceiling…

Imagine…  Your guests mingling intimately as they meander from floor to floor, discovering a unique setting at every level…

Romantically adorned in a European and New Orleans style, with marble mosaic floors, architectural antiques, wrought iron balconies, and soaring stained glass windows, the Cruz Building is as much a conversation piece as it is a gorgeous setting for your special celebration.”

They couldn’t be more right!

I mean, they have three — count ’em, three! — different levels for guests to wander and enjoy, each appearing almost as a movie set.  Themed elegance is always a plus in my book.

The first level features that breathtaking grand staircase — perfect for entering an event in style — and Italian cobblestone flooring, all topped off and illuminated by a richly colorful stained glass ceiling.


The second level’s royal mezzanine and outdoor terrace offer unique views both inside and out.  And there is one of my personal favorite features — the Conversation Booths.  Hand-carved European panel booths with etched glass panel windows, 24-karat gold details, and red tufted leather bench seats.  It’s like stepping back in time to a more glamorous era.


And finally, head up to the third level by way of a spiral staircase, to enjoy the hand-painted ceilings and Tuscan countryside scene.  Take in the Cruz Ballroom with its mahogany paneling and fabulous chandelier.  Then step out on the Terraza De Leon, the rooftop terrace guarded by twin lion sculptures.  This “natural limestone terrace is brimming with charm — lit by iron and copper lanterns, and decorated with ornate bronze sculpted trees and water birds, a scene straight from the Florida Everglades or Louisiana’s Bayou.”

This is a winning combination, folks!  You simply cannot go wrong with this place.  The Cruz Building has just become a must-do event location.


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