Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: The Bejeweled Florist

I remember the first time I saw a “bedazzled” brooch bouquet.  My first thought was “Oh my gosh, where have you been all my life?!”  My second thought was “Wow, I wish I’d had one of these at my wedding.”  Ever since then, I have wanted to see more of my brides with brooch bouquets.

I’ll definitely list others along the line, but today’s choice is The Bejeweled Florist.

I mean, the name says it all, if you ask me.  Anything that says “bejeweled” is definitely going to catch my eye.  I’ve always been a sucker for a good sparklie.

And frankly, I just love the whole idea of a brooch bouquet.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about real flowers!  I never say no to flowers.  But I also love a little bit of bling in my weddings, and a brooch bouquet is a really handy way of doing that.  It’s an automatic accessory as well.

Not to mention, your brooch bouquet is never going to die.  The flowers in a wedding bouquet will wilt, and quickly.  The gems in a brooch bouquet aren’t exactly going anywhere.

They’re a great way to express a little of your personality.  This one, for example, really reminded me of my sister, who loves dragonflies and the color aqua.

Bejeweled-Florist-Dragonfly-Wedding-Bouquet(photos courtesy of The Bejeweled Florist)

I love jewel tones myself!  But I’m just as much a fan of a soft pastel.

Bejeweled-Florist-Pastel-BouquetBejeweled-Florist-Butterfly-Pastel-Bouquet(Plus, isn’t that little butterfly cute?!)

The possibilities seem pretty endless.  For as many ways as you can arrange roses, orchids, lilies, and hydrangea, there are ways to incorporate brooches, gems, cameos, and any bits of sparkle you can think of to create a unique and individual bouquet for your wedding.

Just don’t use that bouquet to toss to all the single ladies.  You’ll put someone’s eye out.  😉


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