Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Taglyan Complex

I always enjoy California weddings.  I’ve done more weddings in the Bay Area than in Los Angeles — but that, of course, just makes me want to do even more in Los Angeles!  One of my favorite wish-list items (another Instagram find, by the way — that site turned out to be gold!) is the Taglyan Complex.

(photos courtesy of the Taglyan Complex)

Located in the heart of Hollywood, the Taglyan Complex has been voted the most enchanting wedding venue in Los Angeles.  And no wonder — with its European inspired decor, and the impressive custom-made 5,000 square-foot stained glass ceiling, opulence is the name of the game at the Taglyan Complex!

There is a lovely, softly European foyer, spacious and elegant, and the venue even features a small — and rather enchanting — little garden, complete with fountain.

But obviously, the featured attraction of the Taglyan Complex is its Grand Ballroom.  This is the show-stopper, folks!  It’s even been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.

What is unique about the Grand Ballroom is not simply its decor — which in and of itself is certainly impressive.  This “beaux-art treasure” features not only that incredible stained glass ceiling, but also seven tear-drop crystal chandeliers.  This ballroom definitely sparkles all by itself!  But the real glory of the Taglyan Complex ballroom is its state-of-the-art lighting.

I haven’t really talked about it much on this blog, but in my opinion, lighting is an essential part of putting together an elegant wedding celebration.  It’s pretty much impossible to evoke that romantic feel under harsh fluorescent lighting or cheap bulbs.  After years of watching “My Fair Wedding” and “Platinum Weddings” and poring over magazines featuring fabulous celebrations, I realized that lighting makes everything come alive!  It transforms an entire room.

Well, at the Taglyan Complex, the lighting is particularly integral.  The entire Grand Ballroom is one big light show!  “An intricate lighting system provides a rainbow of colors underscoring the beauty of the room’s fine details and modern beauty.”  In fact, the entire ballroom “incorporates state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including scrims and projectors with screens that descend around the room so you can screen personal movies, then take it up a notch by bathing the stage and dance floor with custom images or monograms.”  With spotlights, table pin-lights, lanterns, and laser monograms, you can personalize the lighting to exactly the right mix for your wedding.  And it will be fabulous!  I’ll admit, I had a little too much fun playing with their lighting schemes.  But see for yourself what this beautiful place can be!  From softly romantic to boldly chic, anything goes at the Taglyan Complex.

What did I tell you?  🙂


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