Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: St Regis Princeville

We’ve been dealing with too much cold lately for my taste.  I’ve never been a fan of winter.  Snow is super pretty and all, but it would be great if we could have it without the biting, frigid temperatures.  I mean, I feel for poor Boston.  (Eight feet, seriously?  Poor souls!)  And even in Florida, there have been some near-freezing days!  So I need to warm up, how about you?  And what better way than to take a little journey to beautiful Hawai’i?  Specifically Kauai.  And even more specifically, today’s wish-list treat — the St Regis Princeville.

(photos courtesy of St Regis Princeville)

Seriously, wouldn’t you just love to be lounging there right about now?

Hawai’i is known throughout the world as a prime romantic destination.  And rightfully so.  The St. Regis has a fine reputation for its many luxurious locations.  Together, this combination makes for a perfect wedding mix.

Here’s how their wedding brochure begins: “As the sun kisses the horizon and you are bathed in golden light, your vows are lifted by eternal trade winds and scattered over a million miles of Pacific…Romantic moments at our Kauai wedding locations unveil amid mountain waterfalls, lush Hawai’ian forests, and ocean tide pools.”

I definitely call that a perfect romantic cocktail.

Being in Hawai’i, you’d almost have to take advantage of doing an actual beach wedding.  It would be a waste if you didn’t!  And whether you want a casual barefoot ceremony or a classic exchange of vows at sunset (and Hawai’ian sunsets are legendary), this place can definitely make it happen!  They have numerous beach locations.  Kamani Cove (pictured above) offers a great ocean view sheltered by Kamani trees.

For the toes-in-the-sand crowd, there is Leolani Cove — perfect for a more intimate ceremony.

There is the elegant Hanale’i Terrace — an open-air location with views of the ocean and tropical gardens.  Just without quite so much sand.

Or there is the Bay Terrace.  “The dramatic waterfalls of Na-Molokama provide a majestic centerpiece for your intimate wedding ceremony.”  And I’m all about waterfalls!

For elegant indoor wedding receptions, the St Regis Princeville offers the beautiful Astor Ballroom.  “Soothing earth tones, contemporary cut-glass chandeliers, and sconces” make this a perfect location for a reception, easily customizable to an individual bride’s needs.

There is also the Hanale’i Suite, which is right off the Terrace so you get the best of both worlds.  “Glass paneled doors open to reveal the lush tropical landscape of Kauai, with epic views of Makana Mountain, made famous in the movie South Pacific.”  (And there you got me, I love Rodgers and Hammerstein!)

And finally, for a more relaxed experience, or for your wedding rehearsal dinner, there is the Nalu Kai restaurant.  They offer an “outdoor space in a garden setting where cabanas, torch lighting, and elegant furnishings create the perfect setting.”

And just in case you need any more convincing…there’s always the view.

St Regis Princeville is definitely where I want to be right this second.  Any brides want to join me?


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