Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Ron-Ben-Israel-Wedding-CakesI think I’ve been hearing the name Ron Ben-Israel for about 15 years now, since even before I decided to become a wedding photographer.

Ron Ben-Israel is, of course, a celebrity chef these days.  Located in New York, his cakes are well-known in the industry as being elegant, evocative, and trendsetting.  I first saw one of his gorgeous wedding cakes in an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  I remember noticing the cake and thinking “Wow, I didn’t know you could do that with cake!”  So, I think it’s safe to say that it was Ron Ben-Israel who introduced me to the concept of truly artistic and divine wedding cakes.

He has also been featured in other prominent wedding magazines, including Modern Bride, In Style, and (my personal favorite of all the luxury wedding mags) Grace Ormonde.

His collections for wedding cakes include Romance, Bold Statements, Graphics and Textures, Lace and Beading, and — of course — BLING!  🙂  I was definitely doing a little drooling over some of the bling ones.

He does make some bold statements with some of his unique cakes.  Like this impressive red tiered cake draped in flowers.

Ron-Ben-Israel-Red-Cake(photos courtesy of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes)

Or the popular deco style that became all the rage in weddings following the movie “The Great Gatsby.”  Simple, but beautiful.

Any chocolate-lover would enjoy this sweet cake, covered in chocolate leaves.

With a Ron Ben-Israel cake, the attention to detail is exquisite.  He can create ribbon effects, or he can even recreate the delicate lace of your wedding gown!

And you know me, always a fan of fancy — this cake caught my eye immediately!

But in all honesty, I think one of my personal favorite cakes is this stunning lotus blossom cake.  So unique and 100% beautiful.  I’m in love with it.

So, are you in the mood for wedding cake now?


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    1. Laura Bellamy Post author

      You’re welcome! I love that you were able to be so inspired! That is my whole aim with the Wedding Wish-List Wednesday series, I want to help inspire brides with what inspires me. And you’re right, the cakes truly are gorgeous!


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