Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Papillon Bouquet

I have mentioned before how much I adore bling bouquets.  For a while now, I have been following Papillon Bouquet on Instagram.

Based out of Jakarta, Papillon Bouquet has some of the most gorgeous designs I have ever seen!  From subtle jeweled touches to full-on dripping bling, these designs definitely dazzle!

So many color options to choose from here. From classic wedding whites to soft pastels in pink and lavender.

(images courtesy of Papillon Bouquet)

Add a shiny metallic gold for that “wow” factor.  Even simpler bouquets can be quite spectacular.


Or go bold with deep purple and fuchsia colors, dripping with color and making a serious statement.


Or perhaps this rich, eye-catching blue.  I love the feathers in this one, too — and did you catch that little Parisian touch with the tiny Eiffel Towers?  Subtle, but charming.


You can go more subtle with those color touches as well, like this beautiful white and turquoise bouquet — just the right amount of jeweled goodness.


And I can’t pick whether I prefer this sweet pink…


…or this soft lavender color.


Then there’s this adorable bouquet with a little Disney Little Mermaid flair!  I love that tiny Ariel crowning the arrangement of beautiful flowers.


Of course, I have to say that one of my favorite options that Papillon Bouquet currently has to offer is this fantastically romantic design that actually lights up to create a beautiful soft glow and a completely unique look.  Brilliant idea!


Next time I need some bling bouquet inspiration, I will head right to Papillon Bouquet!


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