Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Palazzo Biscari

After this past weekend’s inspiration post, I couldn’t help but get a little Italy crazy.  Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world, and I admit it’s been a long-time dream of mine to do a wedding in Italy.  One particular place that caught my eye a couple of years ago is the rococo beauty, Palazzo Biscari.

The Palazzo Biscari is the crown jewel of Catania, in Sicily, located not far from the beautiful Duomo (cathedral).  It’s a beautifully preserved piece of history, and a perfect place for a destination Italy wedding.

And the ballroom is, let’s face it, completely drool-worthy.

Seriously, can you imagine having your first dance as bride and groom in a room like this?

The Palazzo Biscari is also known for its delicately stunning staircase — which, frankly, looks like something straight out of Lothlorien.  🙂

Can’t you just picture a bride right there on those stairs?  Or is it just me?  The prince who built it called this the “cloud flake” staircase.

You can also host a cocktail hour out on one of the terraces.

The palace itself is hugely grand, composed of 700 rooms, some with whimsical names such as the “Bird Gallery” and the “Don Quixote Room.”  With many balconies, halls, loggias, and more, this is as much a massive conversation piece as it is a meeting location.  And what better way to celebrate your wedding day than at a genuine palace?


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