Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Palais Liechtenstein

I just discovered the gorgeous Palais Liechtenstein last week — and I’m already obsessed!

Several years ago I visited the beautiful city of Vienna — and I absolutely fell in love!  It’s hard to find a more classically beautiful place than Vienna, with its prevalence of graceful baroque architecture.  (Including some truly fabulous cathedrals, which are a personal addiction for me.)

I’m sorry to say it, but the Palais Liechtenstein was just not on my radar.  The Karlskirche?  Yes.  The Peterskirche?  Absolutely.  Hofburg Palace?  Indeed.  Somehow I missed the Palais Liechtenstein.

But it definitely jumped up on my list of gorgeous wedding venues!  Baroque beauty through and through!

There are two fabulous choices to host your Vienna wedding here. There is the incredibly opulent City Palace, with its breathtaking gilded ballroom.

Palais-Liechtenstein-ViennaPalais-Liechtenstein-eventPalais-Liechtenstein-wedding(images courtesy of Palais Liechtenstein)

See what I mean?!  Who could resist that gorgeousness?  Here is what they themselves say about this particular venue:  “In the Liechtenstein City Palace, baroque stucco ceilings combine with opulent Rococo Revival interiors, original furniture, massive chandeliers, and colorful silk wall hangings to create a harmonious whole.  The two upper flowers, which can be rented for events, are accessed via one of the finest and most imposing Baroque stairways in Vienna.”

And oh, yeah, that’s one fine staircase:

Palais-Liechtenstein-staircaseI can just picture a bride on those stairs, can’t you?

And there is the beautiful Garden Palace, with a stunning library, incredible frescoed ceilings (I’m a ceiling nut!), and the beautiful Hercules Hall.  Not to mention the gardens and the lovely Ladys’ Apartments.

Palais-Liechtenstein-Hercules-HallAnd here’s a fun bonus, to add a completely unique experience for your wedding guests: You can include a tour of the art galleries as a part of your event!  The collection includes masterpieces from such artists as Rubens, Rembrandt, and Rafael.

And they have the most beautiful carriage there to gawk at, and while I know you can’t actually use it…wouldn’t it be cool if you could?!

So, I guess it’s time I get back to Vienna!  🙂


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