Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Karen Tran Florals

Stunning.  Breathtaking.  Original.  These are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the exquisite work of Karen Tran Florals and Events.  Karen Tran redefined wedding flowers, setting trends like no one else and proving herself to be just about the best in the business.

I first ran across Karen Tran’s work on pinterest.  It took about five minutes of browsing for me to become absolutely enchanted — nay, obsessed — with her work.  She has designed events all over the world, from her home in Southern California to Maui to my beloved Italy.  Whether it’s simple, understated elegance or luxurious extravagance, Karen Tran can find a way to bring it out in magnificent floral designs.  They’re really quite captivating.  She has an “unforgettable style that is glamorous, luxurious, and romantic.”  Three of my favorite things.  She can emphasis classic old-world style, or add a touch of whimsy.  And her “floral sculptures” are world-famous.

(photo courtesy of Inlighten Photography)

From her own website, this is what can be rightly said about Karen Tran Florals: “Karen Tran’s designs add just the right touch of extravagant elegance and dazzling opulence wherever there is a desire for the beauty of extraordinary flowers.  Karen Tran has built a reputation for excellence…known as the country’s leading wedding designer…Karen has set a high standard and is considered a trendsetter in her field.”

(photo courtesy of Joseph Matthew Photography)

(photo courtesy of Duke Photography)

(photo courtesy of Studio Tran)

(photo courtesy of Sarah Zimmer Photography)

(photo courtesy of Allan Zepeda Photography)

Flowers are such a major component in a wedding celebration, from the ceremony to the reception to the bridal bouquets.  Karen Tran certainly does not disappoint.  And working with her would certainly be a dream come true for this photographer.


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