Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Jordan Payne Events

I am one of those who is highly in favor of hiring a wedding planner to organize your big day.  (Hey, I didn’t get obsessed with “My Fair Wedding” for nothing!)  And I admit, I have been remiss in including wedding planners in my wish-list posts.  That ends today, with Jordan Payne Events.

I decided to go with Jordan Payne after seeing this incredible design featured on Inside Weddings — which I just had to share on my Instagram feed for Inspiration Monday, as I was completely inspired.

Jordan-Payne-Events-jewel-tones-Jackson-Durham-Florals(photos courtesy of Jordan Payne Events)

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  A creatively unique design, bold and yet romantic, and of course I love that it’s purple.

And then, I even found out that Jordan Payne is centered in Dallas, and I just happened to be born there, so I consider it a home.  🙂  But Jordan will also travel to any location, so never fear!  She seems to be as much of a travel junkie as I am!  (I would love to claim a kindred spirit here.)

Jordan Payne has been featured on several top wedding sites and publications, including Strictly Weddings, Modern Luxury Bride, and (my personal favorite) Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.  She is considered one of the world’s top wedding planners, as well as a fine wedding designer.  “No matter the size or scope of the wedding — from intimate island affairs to over-the-top dream weddings…whether taking a blank space and building a custom wedding world or transforming an existing venue into a magical celebration, Jordan thrills at using her design experience to bring a couple’s vision to life — from the elegant to the avant-garde!”

I definitely admire the elegance and attention to detail that goes into these designs.  Like this softly romantic pink heaven.

Or this comfy and modern version of elegance, with its perfectly placed orchids and that amazing chandelier.

I love the beauty of an outdoor garden wedding, and these are just beautiful!

This bright and vivid design is definitely eye-catching!

Jordan-Payne-Events-brightThough of course, I’m always partial to a classic like this:

Whatever your personal style, I think you’ll get a personal and individual touch with Jordan Payne Events — with plenty of necessary elegance!


When planning your own wedding, don’t forget those beautiful wedding photos!  We would love to work with you!  Visit the website and let us preserve your perfect day.

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