Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Fairmont Copley Plaza

I’ve only ever been to Boston once in my life, for two short days, and I admit I didn’t come away from the experience with the most favorable impression…but mostly I think that’s because the drivers made me fear for my life.  😉  However, maybe I didn’t get to experience Boston at its finest.  If I could go back, the first place I think I might want to check out would be the sumptuous Fairmont Copley Plaza.

I think the Fairmont Copley Plaza might just have changed my mind about Boston had I been there.  Since learning of this splendid venue, I couldn’t help but put it on my ever-growing wedding wish list.

With crystal chandeliers, marble columns, and rich decor, this place totally grabs my attention!  The elegant main lobby sets the stage for what you can expect of the experience in this venue.

(photos courtesy of Fairmont Copley Plaza)

See?  What did I tell you? Already, the place says “Love me!”

But obviously, you’re not going to have your wedding in the lobby.  (Though I would definitely want to focus some bridal portrait attention in this area!)

So, where do you get married?  Personally, I can’t decide between their two “main attractions” for a wedding.  You be the judge!

First, there is the Grand Ballroom.  Naturally, the very term “grand ballroom” has me right away.  I do love a good ballroom.  And this one is stunning!  Surrounding by sparkling chandeliers, balconies, mirrors, gilded columns, and a sweeping thirty-foot ceiling, this place is perfect for a grand gala!

But rivaling even the ballroom is the Oval Room.  With hand-carved moldings, French doors and windows to lend a soft romantic atmosphere, and a ceiling painted to resemble clouds and sky, this is a beautiful seeing for a fairytale wedding!

Like I said, I’d be hard-pressed to decide myself.  They’re both perfect stunning options!  Plus, they have a few other, simpler options as well.  There is the Venetian Room (right off the Oval Room, which would be brilliant for a cocktail hour!) with its five chandeliers and bronze marble columns.  Or for more intimate weddings, there is the St. James Room, with rich mahogany walls and tall windows.

In any case, a wedding at the Fairmont Copley Plaza would definitely be worth another visit to Boston!


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