Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

In the first place, I have gotten sadly lax in the past couple of weeks with my Wedding Wish-List Wednesday posts.  What can I say, I get distracted by shiny stuff!

In the second place, I have also been very negligent of most types of wedding vendors in my zeal for all the pretty places I have found.  I’m a traveler, gorgeous places catch my eye first.  But it is high time I corrected this error.  And with that goal in mind, I went in search of some of my favorite luxury wedding vendor finds.  Like Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium!

One of the major things people always think about when they imagine a wedding is the cake — and the cutting thereof.  And, as the name might suggest, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium specializes in magnificent wedding cakes.  (Shocker, I know.  You were on the edge of your seat, weren’t you?)  Based in London, this cake shop features elegant, exquisite cakes that are truly works of art.  They can feature edible flowers, jewelry, pearls and gems of all sorts, even lace.  It really almost seems a shame to cut into them!  Each cake is painstakingly hand-crafted, and overseen by Elizabeth herself.

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium has been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style (my favorite little drool-fest of luxury wedding inspiration) but I think my favorite endorsement is this one on her website: “They were the best cakes I’ve ever tasted!” ~Lady Elizabeth Anson, Party Planner to Her Majesty the Queen

If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is!

Of course, don’t take my word for it — or even the Queen’s.  See for yourself.

Try this multi-tiered confection of blue lace and pink flowers.  Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-Tiered-Wedding-Cake-BeautyOr what about this elegant flowery cake reminiscent of Marie Antoinette?

Elizabeth's-cake-Emporium-Purple-WeddingOne of the first wedding cakes that caught my eyes was this uniquely and elegantly designed pillow cake.

Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-pillow-cakeAnd you know I’m all about sparkle!  How could I resist this glittering beauty?

Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-Sparkle-Wedding-CakeAnd either of these more understated white cakes would be a hit.

Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-White-Elegance Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-White-WeddingAnd, last but most definitely not least, this Valentine’s inspired cake is one of my personal favorites.

Elizabeth's-Cake-Emporium-Valentine-Wedding-Cake(photos courtesy of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium)

Now, who’s in the mood for some cake?  🙂


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