Wedding Photography Interview

I was recently asked to do a wedding photographer interview by another fellow blogger.  I found the questions to be interesting and relevant to most brides, so I thought I’d share my answers with my own readers.

Elegant-Bride-Wedding-DayQ:  What’s the first thing a bride should look for in a good photographer?

A: You have to like the photographer’s style.  Look at what they’re producing.  Does it speak to you?  Does it match your own style or the theme and mood of your wedding?  Do you want your photos to look like that?  Would you entrust your priceless memories to a photographer with this artistry?  Look for someone whose images you just can’t stop staring at.  Look for consistency.  Pretty much any photographer can get one or two good shots to display, some that may look like what you want.  But does all their work appeal to you, or at least most of it?  Your photographer is going to be getting hundreds of images.  If you only like a couple, you’ll be disappointed, so make sure you consistently see the same style you like in a photographer’s portfolio.
Q: How much does budget come into play when choosing a photographer?  After all, these pictures will be something to cherish forever.

A: Obviously not everyone has the same budget, and not everyone can afford a $10,000 photographer.  So of course budget is going to play a factor.  But it can’t be the only factor, either.  The number one complaint I hear from brides after their wedding is that they didn’t like their photographer and wished they had allotted more of their budget to getting a good one.  Always remember that you get what you pay for, and you can’t expect a budget photographer to produce the same results as a high-end one.  That being said, there are photographers who will try and work with a bride’s budget as much as possible, and you can look into other ideas — wedding photo registries, for example.  But always remember — it never hurts to ask!  If you find a photographer you love but you think is out of your price range, at least talk to them about your options.

Black-and-Red-Wedding-ReceptionQ: How can a bride save a little cash, and still get a top notch photography package?

A: Decide what is most important to you.  Photographers tend to price their packages based on a full day of wedding photography, from start to finish, from getting ready to heading off on the honeymoon.  But not every bride wants or needs all of that.  If you just want the photographer for the ceremony, or just the reception, you could possibly save a little of your budget there.  Sometimes I get brides who don’t have money for their wedding day but really want gorgeous photos in their amazing wedding gown, so we do a pre-wedding bridal portraits session.  Again, make sure to keep the lines of communication open with your photographer.  They may have their own recommendations, and if you put your heads together you can probably come up with a great solution that works for everybody.

Kayla-Bridals-Manderley (3)
Q: What are the top 3 tips to avoid a wedding day photography disaster?

A: 1. Plan ahead!  I cannot stress this enough.  Plan plenty of time to do photos.  In fact, plan extra time.  Wedding schedules almost always fall behind, and it’s always the photos that suffer.  Talk to your photographer and get them involved in helping you put together a realistic schedule.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

2. Work with your wedding planner, make sure the planner and photographer remain in communication with each other.

3. Take a bridals session ahead of time (as in, days or weeks before the wedding) to take away some of the stress with photo-taking on the wedding day itself.

Q: How much does bride and photographer chemistry factor into a bride’s final decision.

A: Chemistry can be pretty huge, actually.  This is something that sometimes can get lost in the shuffle, but it’s honestly a very important factor and needs to be considered.  Your photographer works closer to you than pretty much any other vendor and you have to work well with them.  This is one major reason to consider getting either a pre-wedding bridals package or an engagement session — you get to know your photographer early on and learn how they work.  You start the relationship before the stress of the wedding day gets in the way, and it helps the wedding go much smoother.  Meet with your photographer beforehand.  Talk to them, communicate your needs and concerns.  This is your day, you want it to be perfect.


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