Wedding Moments, Kelsey and Daniel

Wedding moments are the best, aren’t they?  I recently participated in a podcast interview in which I talked about how I photograph weddings, and what I focus on.  And it’s all about the moments for me.  The moments are what make the day memorable — all those individual little seconds in time that create the story of your wedding day.

A few days ago, I got to photograph a wedding in California, keeping my annual California wedding streak intact!  Every year for six years now, I have done at least one wedding in California, and I almost didn’t have one, but thanks to my friend and colleague Tawny Horton, I was able to barely get in under the wire!  Whew!

And this wedding marks a bit of a change in how I will post weddings.  Since the moments are what make a wedding so special and unique, from now on that is how I will tell the wedding story of any bride and groom.  Seemingly tiny things, but altogether, they create amazing and personal memories.

These are Kelsey and Daniel’s Wedding Moments.

Kelsey started her morning by doing her makeup and hair in the comfort of her home.  Kelsey, it turns out, has strong ties to her family.  The ring she will wear once belonged to her grandmother.  Moment: As she walked down the stairs, her eyes lit on the picture of her mother when she got married.

Kelsey loves a little sparkle.  (A woman after my own heart!)  Her shoes — both pairs! — sported some great bling.  Her fancy heels were glittering gold and her comfy sneakers featured rhinestones that spelled out “I Do.”

Moment: We caught Kelsey examining her hair in the entryway mirror, making sure she looked perfect for her groom.

We then made our way to the reception center.  Kelsey and Daniel held both their ceremony and their reception at Wedgewood Reception Hall in Aliso Viejo, CA.

There was an energetic sense of fun with the girls in the bride room.  I had to laugh at the comparison between bride’s room and groom’s room — the bride’s room, all light and airy, had complimentary champagne, platters of fruit and fine cheeses, and elegant chairs.  The groom’s room, by contrast, included bottles of beer and a giant flat-screen TV tuned to a sports channel!  Too funny.

Moment: Actually, this may be one of my favorite individual wedding moments of the entire day.  When the bride first saw her dress hanging in the window, her eyes just sparkled and her whole face lit up!  It was magical.

Moment: When mom tenderly took the wedding dress and prepared to help her daughter transform into a bride, she couldn’t help but smile.

Time to get her ready!

Moment: Virtually every bride cries at least once on her wedding day.  That little split-second when she first realizes she is truly a bride is usually a bit emotional.

Moment: After the initial impulse to cry, there was almost immediate laughter.  And this little moment struck me as adorable when I noticed how similar the bride’s smile was to her mother’s!  They’re just two peas.  Right down to the head tilt. So cute!

And of course, Mother helped with her daughter’s jewelry, adding that finishing touch.

What do you think?  Is she just about ready?

Moment: As the bridesmaids were starting to file out, Kelsey and her mother shared a private little moment together.  It was beautiful. When they hugged, I almost wanted to cry myself. What a perfect moment.

And it was time for the ceremony to start.  I always love capturing the bridesmaids waiting to see their friend walk down the aisle. (And by the way, I am loving the sparkle on those dresses!)

Moment: One of the classic wedding moments we all want to capture is the moment the groom first sees his bride coming towards him down that aisle.  My camera was poised for his reaction, but he didn’t emote all that much.  The best man, however!  He got a little choked up, which was kind of adorable.

Enter the bride, on the arm of a proud papa.

Moment: The Mother-of-the-Bride watches emotionally as her baby girl approaches.  The two share another sweet hug.

Moment: And it’s time to give the bride away.  The bride and her father also share a loving hug as she prepares to become a wife.

And the vows begin.

They had a candle ceremony.

They also had a rose ceremony, in which each handed the other a rose.  Moment: They chose to then give those roses to their mothers as a loving gesture.  Hugs all around!

Moment: You may now kiss the bride!  They are now husband and wife!

The wedding party milled about a little and chatted with a few guests.  The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful. Of course there were the requisite shots of the wedding party as well.

And then the bride and groom sneaked away for a few personal shots, which were some of my favorites!  I love the bridal type shots, the individual ones.

And then it was time to go in for the reception.  Their reception was simple and lovely.  Their cake was classic, with a tiny little personal touch — notice that fish in the lower right corner?  They both love fishing!  A subtle nod to a favorite hobby they share.  The centerpieces were beautiful, and the favors — in keeping with the holiday season — were darling little ornaments filled with “snow.”  About the only snow you’re likely to see in Southern California.  🙂

Moment: The first dance as bride and groom is always one of the classic wedding moments I look forward to.

Moment: The cutting of the cake for this bride and groom was just a little bit unique.  As it turns out, Kelsey is already expecting their first, and the mystery of the baby’s gender was revealed in the cake-cutting.  It was blue!  The excitement on their faces when they learned they were having a boy was absolutely priceless.

And it’s time to toss the bouquet!

And the Maid of Honor wins!

These wedding moments are always going to be with this bride and groom.  It was such a joy to capture them, such an honor to be a part of their special day.  I want them to treasure these individual memories for a lifetime.  This is why I do what I do.

Many congratulations to Kelsey and Daniel, and their growing family!  May they be blessed and happy.


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