Salt Lake City Bride, Brittany

A couple of months ago, I got together with this adorable couple to get them started on the photographic story of their wedding.  Brittany and Shaun will finally be tying the knot in a couple of weeks here, but today we focused on just the bride, Brittany.

Brittany has been excited for her bridals session for months!  (Sssssh!  Don’t tell Shaun they’re up yet, though…we’re keeping his little beauty a secret until the wedding day. 😉  They’re traditionalists that way.)  She has had her dress for a long time, and I must say I enjoyed the uniqueness of it!  A simple design in the bodice, but with an intriguing skirt that looks like soft petals.  She got many compliments on it from passersby.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skirt quite like it on a wedding dress.  However, I have seen similar things in the ballroom dance world — and since Brittany herself happens to be a ballroom dancer, I’d say it suits her.

Brittany and Shaun are getting married in Utah, and so we did her bridals in Salt Lake City.  We first concentrated on the famous Temple Square and Joseph Smith Memorial Building — dodging a number of other brides as we did so.  The wind kicked up a little and we totally worked with it to get some fabulously fun looks!

But our favorite shots happened when we moved to the State Capitol Building.  They were actually preparing for a wedding there that evening, and it just so happened that the colors for this wedding were Brittany’s own wedding colors!  With very little cajoling, we were able to squeeze in and take a few images using the lovely decor.  (So, many thanks to those random kind strangers!  Hopefully we were enough out of their way.)

BrittanyCummingsBridals (28)BrittanyCummingsBridals (27)Brittany-Bridals-04BrittanyCummingsBridals (24)BrittanyCummingsBridals (31)Brittany-Bridals-06Brittany-Bridals-05Brittany-Bridals-07Brittany-Bridals-08BrittanyCummingsBridals (38)BrittanyCummingsBridals (39)Brittany-Bridals-09Brittany-Bridals-10Brittany-Bridals-11Brittany-Bridals-12Brittany-Bridals-13BrittanyCummingsBridals (52)BrittanyCummingsBridals (54)Brittany-Bridals-14Brittany-Bridals-01BrittanyCummingsBridals (7)BrittanyCummingsBridals (11)BrittanyCummingsBridals (17)Brittany-Bridals-03BrittanyCummingsBridals (18)Brittany-Bridals-02Brittany-Bridals-15BrittanyCummingsBridals (60)Stay tuned for Brittany and Shaun’s wedding!  Personally, I can’t wait.


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