Rustic Bride at the LC Ranch

There’s no denying it, the rustic bride is still a popular choice thematically for a wedding.  And my most recent bride happens to have relatives who own the perfect rustic wedding spot — the LC Ranch.

While the LC Ranch could never be called luxurious or opulent, it has its own quaint charm that works perfectly for the simpler, more “countrified” bride.  🙂

And it definitely worked for Nikki, my rustic bride of the day.

Nikki was beyond delightful.  She had one of the most pleasant attitudes I’ve ever encountered.  Bubbly and effervescent, vivacious and lively, sometimes even sassy, eager to try anything…and with such a sweet smile!  We had an absolute blast that day.  The time just flew by.  We used the cabin, the barn, the lake, the trees, even some of the classic farm equipment to develop just the right look for her.  We wanted to capture the rustic element while still staying in keeping with the idea of the soft and beautiful bride.

She loves purple — her bouquet was just covered in purple! — and she loves butterflies.  She had such a sense of whimsy.  A touch of the “girly-girl” that, when added to the natural country charm, made for one heck of a killer combo!

Nikki-Bridals (43)Nikki-Bridals-05Nikki-Bridals-06Nikki-Bridals (39)Nikki-Bridals (38)Nikki-Bridals-07Nikki-Bridals-08Nikki-Bridals (45)Nikki-Bridals-10Nikki-Bridals (54)Nikki-Bridals (55)Nikki-Bridals-12Nikki-Bridals (57)Nikki-Bridals (60)Nikki-Bridals (61)Nikki-Bridals-11Nikki-Bridals (64)Nikki-Bridals (68)Nikki-Bridals (56)Nikki-Bridals (49)Nikki-Bridals-09Nikki-Bridals (28)Nikki-Bridals-13Nikki-Bridals (72)Nikki-Bridals (79)Nikki-Bridals (80)Nikki-Bridals-14Nikki-Bridals (86)Nikki-Bridals-04Nikki-Bridals (3)Nikki-Bridals (9)Nikki-Bridals-01Nikki-Bridals (12)Nikki-Bridals (13)Nikki-Bridals-02Nikki-Bridals-03Nikki-Bridals (15)Nikki-Bridals (17)

And, as an added bonus: On my way home from the LC Ranch itself, I enjoyed the twilight and the moonrise, shrouded in the most beautiful mist.  I just had to pull over and grab a photo of the scene that accompanied me on my drive home.



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