Portraits: Nanette

Behold, the beautiful Nanette.  A sweet young woman and talented ballroom dancer.

I may not have ever said this before, but I must admit that I absolutely love working with dancers.  They’re very easy to photograph.  They have a fine and unique understanding of their own bodies, which makes them easy to pose.  They also tend to be more willing to try new things and experiment with fun posing.  And once you get into a “groove” with your dancer model, it gets more and more fun to bounce ideas off each other and bring all kinds of attitude and personality into the photo shoot.  Dancers are natural performers, and performing in front of a camera is not so very different form performing in front of a larger audience.

Nanette has been a dancer for several years, performing with a renowned university dance company, and is getting ready to strike out into the professional teaching world.  As a ballroom competition photographer for many years, I have watched Nanette compete many times and I have always enjoyed it.  She is beautiful to watch in her Latin dancing and confesses that her favorite dance is the rumba.  A dance I’m rather partial to myself, to be honest.  As a hopeless romantic, how could I not enjoy the famous “dance of love”?

Naturally, we decided to incorporate her dancing personality, and some of that Latin style, into her photo session.  With her killer smile and just the right amount of “sass,” we got a great combination.


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