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Disney Little Mermaid Themed Wedding Session

So, we’ve probably all seen this buzzfeed post making the rounds on social media.  A Disney Little Mermaid themed wedding! Now, granted, technically the wedding photos were a journey into the land of make-believe, given that it wasn’t an actual real wedding, but rather a themed publicity shoot.  But honestly, who cares, right?  It doesn’t […]

Portraits: Motorcycle Chick

Not my “usual” type of portraits session, I suppose…but I had fun with this! Okay, story time. I was on my way to a session and, pulling into the agreed-upon meeting place, there happened to be a random motorcycle with a “For Sale” sign parked to the side. This model hopped out of the car […]

Portraits: Black Widow Session

Sometimes it’s fun just to do a “me” project — and believe me, I have some serious pet projects in mind that I’d love to get going! This one was, oddly enough, inspired by a hat. I was shopping for Halloween stuff for my own costume (which is not scary in the least unless you […]

Loving Autumn

Well, it’s that time of year!  Welcome, my friends, to the first day of Fall! Autumn really is one of my favorite times of year.  Personally, I think it has a great element of romance to it.  There is a charm about autumn.  And there’s just so much to love about this particular season. Here’s […]

Portraits of a Classy Lady (Part I)

Ah, if only every model I ever photographed were so easy and fun to work with! Last night’s portrait session was a joy.  This woman has been through some interesting trials in her life, but she comes out of it dancing and smiling and ready to tackle the next thing!  She handles her life with […]

Bridals: Kayla At White Willow

Last week, I posted this stunning bride at one lovely location.  But we actually took her to two places for her bridals!  This second one, White Willow Reception Center, was always a favorite location of mine when doing wedding and bridal sessions in Utah.  The setting is very elegant and classic.  Their bridal room is […]

Bridals: Kayla at Manderley

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take bridal portraits of a beautiful young woman.  We chose two different locations for this session.  I’ll post the ones from our second location later, but this first one was charming!  This was a destination Utah wedding, and Manderley Reception Center was a brand new location for me.  And […]

Portraits: McKenzie’s Little Black Dress

Every woman needs a classic “little black dress.” This young model was a joy to work with.  A dancer, quiet and sweet, with a beautiful smile.  The full package.  We had a great time with her session! One of the things you often have to do as a photographer is be creative with your surroundings.  […]

On My Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.  As I’ve been working on other couples’ wedding photos, I can’t help but sit and think. For nearly thirty years, sitting on the shelf in our living room was a small white book.  Inside were dozens of 5X7 photos from my parents’ wedding day. I cannot begin to count […]

Engagements at the LACMA

So remember this fabulous bride and groom from a few days ago?  Well, we have more great shots of these two! Part of the whole process of photographing a wedding includes couples/engagement shots.  (Or “save the date” shots for some.)  This couple had already sent out announcements, so their couples shoot was the day before […]

Wedding at Disneyland

Recently I had the opportunity of photographing a beautiful destination wedding at Disneyland.  This has been a dream of mine since I first became a photographer. I was able to work with renowned photographer Jason Lanier, and it was such a great experience!  Jason is a great guy, fun to work with, and expects professionals […]

The “Flat Stanley” Epidemic

Does anyone else remember Flat Stanley?  For those of you who don’t, or who need a refresher: Flat Stanley was a childhood fictional character, a boy who is flat like a sheet of paper; the book series spawned a widespread letter-writing project where children sent their own paper Stanleys around the world visiting pen-pals, who […]

My Big Fat Elite Wedding

I very recently had the immense joy of photographing my first Russian Orthodox wedding.  What an experience!  The bride is from a Greek Orthodox upbringing, and the groom recently joined the Russian Orthodox faith.  Both are dancers for a local ballroom formation team called “Elite Ballroom.”  Given the Greek Orthodox influence, made so popular by […]

Weddings: Getting Ready

There’s something truly special about the process of a bride and groom getting ready for their big moment.  As a wedding photographer, I get the unique opportunity to enjoy the experience with the bride from start to finish.  In all honesty, I enjoy documenting the moments before the event even starts.  The energy from the […]

Victorian Themed Wedding

I love getting unique brides and grooms!  Themed weddings can be a lot of fun, and when a couple really chooses to infuse their own specific personality into their wedding, it always makes me smile.  This particular couple went in stunning Victorian style, and it was so much fun!  I’m for a little bit of […]

New Beginnings

So lately I’ve been giving myself a little bit of a makeover — some “spit and polish,” if you will.  Between getting healthier, losing weight, cutting my hair, and even sprucing up my wardrobe, I’ve started to feel like a fresher person. With this, I decided my business finally needed its own makeover.  I’m starting […]