Maddy Bridals at Provo Falls

Everyone, meet the fabulous Maddy!

MaddyBridals (24)

Maddy is my latest amazing bride, and working with her was totally awesome!

We chose to do Maddy’s bridals session at a beautiful local waterfall in the Utah mountains.  (I do love the mountains in Utah, guys.)  The gorgeous Provo Falls (ironically not anywhere near Provo Canyon or the city of Provo) provided a variety of interesting and unique backdrops. Rugged rocks, a beautiful waterfall, even natural grasses.

Sadly, no autumn colors.  🙁  I was so hoping we would have them.  According to news reports, Utah received so much rain this spring that fungus ended up overtaking the aspens and prevented those fabulous fall colors.

Yeah, I know, that’s probably more info than you really needed, right?  😉

But it definitely was a disappointment, I have always liked those aspen golds.

Still, we couldn’t complain!

Maddy looked absolutely stunning in a princess gown with a lacy off-the-shoulder neckline.  I like seeing this come back into style a little bit, and it looked terrific on her.  Then of course, she had to add that adorable tiara!

She had a beautiful bridal bouquet of wildflowers, which I think perfectly represented her wild and adventurous spirit, as well as her own uniqueness.  A princess with moxy!

MaddyBridals (1)MaddyBridals (2)MaddyBridals (3)Maddy-Bridals-07MaddyBridals (5)MaddyBridals (6)Maddy-Bridals-01MaddyBridals (8)MaddyBridals (11)MaddyBridals (7)Maddy-Bridals-02Maddy-Bridals-03MaddyBridals (13)Maddy-Bridals-04Maddy-Bridals-05MaddyBridals (26)MaddyBridals (27)Maddy-Bridals-06Maddy-Bridals-08
And in what was, quite possibly, my favorite Maddy moment — she threw caution to the winds, tossed her hair back, and climbed all over the rocks to get right in the middle of the water.

What did I say?  Adventurous spirit.  And she did it laughing and whooping the whole time.

Maddy-Bridals-09MaddyBridals (34)


We love our brides!  Make sure to check out more of our favorites in our Bridals Gallery.  And don’t forget book your own personal bridal photo session today!  We can’t wait to help you celebrate the most important day of your life.  You deserve to feel like a queen.

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