Kathryn’s State Capitol Bridals

Doing bridals portrait sessions are still always a favorite thing for me.  They really are the perfect way to showcase a bride and her individual beauty.  A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to do a state capitol bridals session with the lovely Kathryn.  She’s getting married in just a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited for her!

Kathryn seemed to me to be the very model of simple elegance.  She wants a simple and lovely wedding and her gown reflected that.  Absolutely beautiful, but not gaudy or overly ornamented.  The dress didn’t take any attention away from the bride herself, but rather showed off everything that Kathryn herself was.  Lovely, classy, sweet, and a little bit sassy.  🙂

The lace was gorgeous, I absolutely fell in love with it.  Truly, I love lace, it’s one of my favorite things to put on a wedding dress.

Especially if there’s a little bit of extra bling!  She added this perfect little belt with the most gorgeous clusters of rhinestones and pearls.  I wanted that belt, guys.  😉

We decided to do state capitol bridals because that place is also all about the elegance.  The beautiful marble set off her gown perfectly.  I especially loved working with her outside where a light breeze played with her hair and even fluffed her dress just a little bit more.

Wish this beautiful bride an equally beautiful wedding day!

Kathryn-Bridals-1Kathryn-Bridals (3)Kathryn-Bridals (9)Kathryn-Bridals (11)Kathryn-Bridals-2Kathryn-Bridals (14)Kathryn-Bridals (15)Kathryn-Bridals (16)Kathryn-Bridals-3Kathryn-Bridals (21)Kathryn-Bridals (23)(See, what did I tell you?  The perfect belt?  I think so.)

Kathryn-Bridals-5Kathryn-Bridals (26)Kathryn-Bridals (27)Kathryn-Bridals-4Kathryn-Bridals (30)Kathryn-Bridals-6Kathryn-Bridals (35)Kathryn-Bridals (36)Kathryn-Bridals (38)Kathryn-Bridals-7Kathryn-Bridals (40)Kathryn-Bridals (39)Kathryn-Bridals-8Kathryn-Bridals (45)Kathryn-Bridals (43)Kathryn-Bridals-9Kathryn-Bridals-10Kathryn-Bridals-11Kathryn-Bridals-12***

Getting married?  You deserve elegant photos to commemorate your big day!  Visit the website and and book your own personal bridal portraits session today!

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