Kaeleigh’s Princess Portraits

Sometimes I do get to take a quick break from photographing weddings and brides, and instead get to photograph a graduating senior.

I loved this particular session we did for Kaeleigh.  She did a series of princess portraits that really showcase more of who she is.  This is one of the things I enjoy about doing things like senior portraits — you really get a chance to showcase some of the things that interest them.  (Not that you don’t sometimes get to do so with brides, too — one of the reasons I especially love bridals, you can do that more — but weddings have a particular protocol to them and it isn’t about photographing based on interests but on events.)

Kaeleigh is involved in the SCA — a group which does medieval reenactment events with sword fighting and archery, etc.  She is also a good little actress and intends to work with young actors after she graduates from college.

So a themed princess portraits session seemed absolutely ideal for her!

In the first series, we focused on more of her medieval club interests.  We photographed these at a castle-themed reception center.  She was recently voted as Queen for a year in a local chapter of one of the organizations she belongs to, and the cloak, pin, and crown she wears are emblems of that office.

For our second series, she wore her prom gown, which really made her feel like she was in a fairy tale.  Her ballgown even sparkles.

And I mean, come one?!  What girl doesn’t occasionally dream of being royalty?  😉

Kaeleigh-Portraits-1Kaeleigh-Portraits-2Kaeleigh-Portraits-3Kaeleigh-Portraits-4Kaeleigh (11)Kaeleigh (8)Kaeleigh-Portraits-5Kaeleigh (12)Kaeleigh (13)Kaeleigh (15)Kaeleigh-Portraits-6Kaeleigh-Portraits-7Kaeleigh (23)Kaeleigh-Portraits-8Kaeleigh (28)Kaeleigh (30)Kaeleigh-Portraits-9Kaeleigh-Portraits-10Kaeleigh-Portraits-11Kaeleigh (37)Kaeleigh-Portraits-12Kaeleigh (41)Kaeleigh (44)Kaeleigh-Portraits-13Seriously, isn’t she cute?!

The perfect little princess.


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