Jasmin Bridals

I love working with brides on their bridals sessions.  I feel it really brings out some of their unique and individual personality.

This particular bride, Jasmin, had her bridals mini-session outdoors, near a gorgeous waterfall.

She also had not one, but two different bridal gowns to work with.  Meaning we had two slightly different styles for her.  One was classic bridal — soft and romantic, with a fuller skirt to give it almost a princess look, and even a small train.

For the other, she had a simpler choice, but with a bit more fun and sass to it — with a slit that clearly says “va va voom!”  Since we were working with water, this second dress inspired us to try a few shots reminiscent of “The Little Mermaid” — you know, that moment when she first realizes she has legs and she’s human?  The gown draped her in such a way that it worked well for that theme.

Jasmin opted not to use a veil for her bridals.  Instead, she wore her long hair loose, with only a simple headband as adornment.  She has such luxurious hair, who needs a veil anyway?  She had a fantastic hair and makeup artist — which, for the record, is a great idea not only for a bridals session, but definitely for the wedding itself.  Hiring a good hair and makeup artist for your wedding will make a huge difference for your portraits.  The proof is in the photos.

Jasmin-Bridals-01Jasmin-Bridals-02Jasmin-Bridals-03Jasmin-Bridals-05JasminBridals (12)JasminBridals (11)Jasmin-Bridals-04JasminBridals (15)JasminBridals (16)JasminBridals (18)

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