I Love You More Than Swords

“I love you more than life itself.”

Probably one of the most well-used love phrases in the book, right?

Much less common is the phrase “I love you more than swords.”  But that perfectly fits the couple I photographed this weekend!

Please congratulate Alayna and Danny on their recent engagement!  Alayna is one of my best friends in the world.  Truly like a sister to me.  Extremely loyal, she has stuck by me through thick and thin.  She has a zany sense of humor, loves comic book superheroes, and cares deeply for the plight of young people in pain.  She has accompanied me on two trips to Disneyland and a truly fabulous adventure at Disney World, and in fact I am still trying to convince her that she needs to move out to Orlando to be with me.  🙂  (I’ll wear her down one of these days, I swear it!)  She goes hiking with me in search of waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest, collects swords, and gathers family to her like a magnet.

And Danny had better be awesome to her or he’ll have to go through me!  😉

This weekend, we went up into Provo Canyon, Utah, to take advantage of the freshly fallen snow for some fun engagement photos! Her original thought, and the reason she chose this location in the first place, was that she really wanted to use that fence!


We then tromped through more snow to a small stand of trees.


And when I invited Danny to playfully whisper something into her ear…well, it was here that Danny uttered those words, “I love you more than swords.”  It got her smiling like nothing else!


And, given Alayna’s ever-childlike playful nature, we simply had to get them making snow angels — after which they promptly attacked each other with snowballs!


And I did save the best for last here.  We thought we were done.  We were shivering and cold and wet, but Alayna had really wanted a shot with the mountains in the background.  It hadn’t seemed to happen yet, but on our way back down the canyon, we saw the most beautiful sight — a stunning sunset over snow-capped mountains.  It was this mountain view that Alayna was looking at when Danny proposed to her, and it was too perfect to pass up.  So, we pulled the car over, hopped out really quickly, and managed to capture this scene right before the sun disappeared completely.  It’s my very favorite shot of the night. Save the best for last, right?


Can’t wait to photograph their Oregon wedding this spring!


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