Fourth Of July Engagement Session

I’m a huge fan of holidays.  Seriously, give me a reason to celebrate and I’m there!

So I couldn’t resist the idea of doing a Fourth of July engagement portrait session with this adorable couple!

Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (41)

Meet my two little firecrackers, Amoriese and Brandt.  The most adorable patriotic couple I have ever seen!  When the concept of doing a themed Fourth of July engagement session came up, Amoriese and I let the creativity start flowing!  We knew there had to be some good ol’ red, white, and blue (duh!) and then it was a matter of, what look are we going for?  How do we make sure to keep it elegant and classy, while still fun and patriotic?  So we found props and we looked for ideas, and voila!  The idea came to fruition.

We used a small pond in a tucked-away park.  We fought for space with dozens of ducks and even a few geese, but we made it work.  And by the end of the session, we even decided we just had to use the ducks!  It was too fun, we tossed scraps to them and even the little ducklings just waddled their way right up to us.  It made for quite the party!

And it was, ultimately, one of the most enjoyable engagement portrait sessions I have ever done.  I’m hooked!  I need to do more themed engagement sessions!  This was just too much fun not to try again.

Anyone else up for one?  🙂

Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (3)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (2)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (4)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (5)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (6)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-01Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (10)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-02Fourth-of-July-Engagements-03Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (20)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-04Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (17)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (18)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (21)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-05Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (24)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-06Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (26)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (29)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (30)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-07Fourth-of-July-Engagements-08Fourth-of-July-Engagements-09Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (37)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (38)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (39)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (42)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-10Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (44)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (46)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (47)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-11Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (51)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (49)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-12Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (54)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-13Fourth-of-July-Engagements-14Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (59)Fourth-of-July-Engagements-15Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (61)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (63)Amoriese-and-Brandt-Engagements (64)***

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