Engagements: Brittany and Shaun

Say hello to Brittany and Sean!  We did a fun engagement portraits session for this happy couple over the weekend, and I loved working with them!  They will be getting married this coming June. (And I love June weddings!)

Brittany is a ballroom dancer and performs on a team at a local university.  So of course, as I was a ballroom dance major in college myself, that definitely gave us an immediate connection!  And I’ve said it before, dancers are always awesome to work with.

Sean admits he doesn’t dance, but we got him into some dancer-type poses anyway.  He likes motorcycles.  I only wish we could have incorporated that into our session a bit.  Maybe something to consider for the wedding?  Who knows?

But check out this sweet and awesome couple!

I love a few good snuggles!  It’s a great way to show affection and personal connection.

When Sean kissed Brittany’s nose, we got some great giggles out of her!

We photographed them at a small garden.  Nothing was really blooming yet, but the location is so beautiful anyway!  I’m in love with all the arches.

Not to mention all the climbing vines.  And I love getting a couple kissing!  It can be such a sweet and classic moment.  I mean, they’re in love, right?



There are also a number of little bridges in this garden.  I can’t resist a bridge!

And then there are simply the wooden doors everywhere.  We knew from the beginning we wanted to use these.  I love the delighted giggles from Brittany when Sean nuzzled her cheek.

After the gardens, we switched locations briefly to get some casual shots.  These were taken at a local university, in one of their landscaped fields.

And this may have been my favorite tender moment between the two.

Can’t wait to work with Brittany and Sean on their wedding day!


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7 thoughts on “Engagements: Brittany and Shaun

  1. Meg

    Love the architecture in the first few photos. And I love the two from that series where they are sitting, so much genuine happiness exuding from those photos.

  2. Michele

    My dear you are amazing! I think the motorcycle idea has already been set up for the reception. Hopefully he will be able to get it up to the top floor without breaking the elevator! Can’t wait to see you again!

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