Engagements: Ashley and Garrett

Say hello — and congratulations! — to Ashley and Garrett, my latest adorable couple.

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Ashley and Garrett are actually part-time models and I’ve worked with them before on various projects.  Both are fun-loving and adventurous, eager to live their lives fully.  Garrett is a singer, hoping to get his Master’s, and he is currently performing in an opera.

What inspires me about Ashley and Garrett is their obvious devotion and loyalty to each other.  They uplift and support one another, and that is such a great quality for a couple to have.

Here is what Garrett has to say about Ashley: “She is the sweetest natured person I’ve ever met.  No matter what kind of day I’m having or anyone else is having, she always adds a brightness and warmth that I’ve never known.  Every time I think about her it makes me smile and I hope that in some way, I can return the favor.  Also, she’s beautiful, like out-of-my-league beautiful, but she regularly makes me feel like James Bond.  She’s the rare type of person who can look at the world and not only see the improvements that can be made, but still appreciate the love and beauty already in it.  The world could use more people like her and I feel lucky to sit at her side, hold her hands, kiss her face, and share in her most precious and most terrifying moments.

I get to be there for all the little moments as well as the big events.  She lets me see her deepest fears, her less-than-glamorous moments, and trusts me with her heart with completely openness.  In return, she has earned my trust, my loyalty, my love…I love her.  From day one, I knew she and I had a unique chemistry and I am so glad we took the chance.  Our families get along, our professional and personal goals work together, we’re sensitive to each other’s needs…it’s incredible and I look forward to our future together.”

And here is what Ashley has to say about Garrett: “I love everything.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  We are really honest with each other so each of us knows the other’s darkest secrets and insecurities and we love each other despite that.  We wholeheartedly support the other’s dreams and our lifestyles coincide perfectly with one another.  We have each other’s backs and we are ready and excited to face life’s adventures together.  He is literally the sweet, most unselfish man I know, handsome as heck, he is mature and practical with just the right amount of wild thrown in sometimes, he is intelligent and knowledgeable and he fights for what he believes in but is not afraid to admit when he is wrong, he has a goofy side with all these silly amazing quirks, he understands the way I work and helps me with my goals in a caring and thoughtful way.  We have similar views on life and passions that can’t be explained with words, just feelings.  He has strong ties with his family and friends and they have let me into their world, too.  He makes me feel safe and lucky and beautiful and happy.

We have a history now and I have the best memories with him and the super fun things we have done together, he really knows how to make the little moments count as well as the long moments, we could never get bored or sick of each other, I’m always entertained when I’m around him and he lights up the room when I see him.”

Sounds like pretty much the perfect relationship to me!

Can’t wait to work with Ashley and Garrett more and to see their love unfold.

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