Downtown Engagement Portraits, Chelsea and Mike

Meet Chelsea and Mike!  We took their engagement portraits last night, and they turned out fabulous!

Chelsea and Mike actually won their engagement portraits session in a recent Facebook contest I ran, and I am so glad I got the chance to work with these two!  They were incredibly fun and easy to work with.  It was like working with Mr. GQ and a supermodel, it was like they walked right off the cover of a fashion magazine.  I thought it was awesome!  He was very suave and Cary Grant-like.  She was sophisticated and stylish.  It made for a very chic look that I loved.

We decided to do their engagement portraits in downtown Salt Lake City, at the Gallivan Center.  It made for a modern look that worked well for our supermodel team.  It provided a nice variety of backdrops to capture several different looks for the couple to choose from.

They’ll be getting married in early September in Las Vegas.  (I’d have loved to do the wedding itself, but unfortunately most resorts in Las Vegas have their own photographers and won’t let you bring outside professionals.  *sigh*  There go my dreams of a fabulous Venetian wedding.  Guess I’ll have to leave that off the Wedding Wish-List Wednesday series at this point.)

At any rate, I offer my congratulations to Chelsea and Mike on their engagement, and much luck on their upcoming wedding!

Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements04Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements07Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements05Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (22)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements06Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements09Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements10Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (49)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (41)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (42)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements11Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (52)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements12Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (37)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (32)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements08Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (31)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (30)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (28)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements02Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements03Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (12)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (10)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements (8)Chelsea-and-Mike-Engagements01


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