Country Chic Bride at Wheeler Farm

I have been impatiently sitting on this bridal portrait session for months now, and I am thrilled to finally release this beautiful bride’s photos!

Sara is my fabulous “country chic” bride.  She opted to take her bridals at historic Wheeler Farm, which was an absolutely wonderful location to shoot!  Wheeler Farm has not only a charming barn for receptions, but sprawling grounds with tons of great options for photos.  In fact, I highly recommend Wheeler Farm for any Utah bride who wants that classic country look!

Sara herself was a delight.  She had that perfect blend of stylish simplicity and classically elegant beauty. I loved her dress, with its lacy bodice, subtle sparkle, and frothy skirts.  And she even wore cowboy boots underneath, which we just had to show off!  She wore pearls for that touch of old-fashioned classic charm.  (I’m a sucker for pearls!)  It augmented her look to perfection. And everything about her just became even greater when she smiled her soft, beautiful smile.

I must admit it, Sara’s bridals session has been one of my absolute favorites so far this year.

She gets married today!  We have saved the posting of her session until now so she could still do the whole “surprise the groom” thing, which I always honor for my brides.  No secrets get spilled on my watch, thank you very much!  I’m sure her groom was left awestruck by his beautiful bride.

SaraBridals (9)SaraBridals (3)Country-Chic-Bride01Country-Chic-Bride02SaraBridals (12)Country-Chic-Bride03Country-Chic-Bride04SaraBridals (31)SaraBridals (32)Country-Chic-Bride05Country-Chic-Bride06Country-Chic-Bride07SaraBridals (27)SaraBridals (28)Country-Chic-Bride08Country-Chic-Bride09SaraBridals (21)SaraBridals (23)SaraBridals (33)SaraBridals (34)SaraBridals (35)Country-Chic-Bride10SaraBridals (37)SaraBridals (39)Country-Chic-Bride11SaraBridals (43)SaraBridals (46)SaraBridals (47)Country-Chic-Bride12SaraBridals (51)Country-Chic-Bride13SaraBridals (53)Country-Chic-Bride14Country-Chic-Bride15SaraBridals (58)Country-Chic-Bride16SaraBridals (64)SaraBridals (65)Country-Chic-Bride17Country-Chic-Bride18SaraBridals (71)

Congratulations again to this amazing bride!


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