Colorful Bride, Aubrey

Recently I enjoyed a very unique opportunity.  My boyfriend’s beautiful young daughter, Aubrey, got married.  (And a big congratulations to her!)  I was honored when she asked me to take her wedding photographs, and obviously I did so gladly.  I mean, how could I not?!  🙂  And it quickly became apparent that Aubrey would be perhaps my most colorful bride.  At least my most colorful bride to date.

Aubrey is a bit off-the-wall, she’s hardly your traditional bride.  She didn’t want to get married in a church, didn’t want a large wedding party, and didn’t feel a pressing need to look like a princess.  She balked at the idea of a veil, but loved the idea of white feathers in her hair — with that little touch of bling added.  A young woman of simpler tastes, she is nevertheless a unique, quirky, and delightful bride.  She’s a fabulous mix of rock-n-roll, rustic country charm, and modern hippie, with a little bit of sass.  Still, we added just the right touch of casual elegance to make her truly feel like a bride.

The wedding itself was incredibly small and simple.  Held in a relative’s backyard, with only family and a few close friends around.  The whole thing, from walking down the aisle to the “I do’s,” took inside of five minutes, and then it was cutting the cake and enjoying a light barbeque.

Our focus was not on her wedding day, but on her and her groom, with a series of bridal shoots designed to showcase her colorful nature.  To that end, we used a bright assortment of flowers for her bouquet arrangement, jewel-tone scarves, and peacock feathers.  The result was charming!  (If I do say so myself.  🙂 )

One of my favorite moments was when her groom came up behind her with the peacock feather and gently tickled her chin, making her giggle.  It was such a sweet and memorable little romantic moment.

One thing I really did love about Aubrey was her genuinely fantastic smile!  She has a stunning smile, it just lights up her whole face.

Isn’t she a beauty?  But there’s even more for this colorful bride.  Just wait until you see what we did with her next!  (Coming soon to a blog near you!  😉 )


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