Classic Bride, Natalie

As much as I love luxury, opulence, and even a bit of extravagance in a wedding, there is also something to be said for a simple, classic bride.

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet young woman, Natalie, whose taste for the simpler classic look put me in mind of a Greek or Roman goddess.  No ballgown or fluff or frou frou for this classic bride.  Yet it was hardly plain or boring!  Classic never gets old, it never wears out.  She looked absolutely beautiful in this soft, lovely dress.  A petite little thing — even shorter than me, which I rarely find! — she was almost elfin.  But her personality was open, warm, and big-hearted.  I felt like we were immediate friends, comfortable and easy with each other.  I think we spent more time gabbing than we did photographing!

We thought classic marble would be the perfect way to showcase Natalie, especially with the goddess idea.  What better way to draw out that particular theme than with impressive columns and graceful steps?

And the only adornment she really needed was her gorgeous smile.


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