Chelsea Bridals Sesssion

Anyone remember Mike and Chelsea?  We did their engagement session earlier this year in downtown Salt Lake City — and they were absolutely incredible!

Mike and Chelsea got married recently in Las Vegas.  They wanted me as their photographer, but unfortunately all the resorts in Vegas force you to use their photographer, they won’t let you bring your own.  *sigh*

I guess I won’t be doing a whole lotta weddings in Vegas anytime soon.

But I was able to put together a fabulous post-wedding bridals session for Chelsea!  And since bridals are my specialty, after all, we had a great session.

Chelsea opted to do her bridal photo session at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City.  I love this particular location, it has so many fantastic options, and it’s beautiful year-round.

And Chelsea herself was an absolutely stunning bride!  Her gown really looked like it was made just for her.  It was graceful and stylish, just like she is, as well as being sleek and modern.  And altogether very romantic.

And as we know, I’m a sucker for lace. 🙂

I still wish I could have been there for their wedding — because I’m sure it was awesome — or that we could have at least included Mike, her groom, in the session.  But this whole photoshoot showcased how truly beautiful this bride was.

This is why I do bridals, folks.

Chelsea-Bridals (34)Chelsea-Bridals (35)Chelsea-Bridals (33)Chelsea-Bridals-02Chelsea-Bridals-03Chelsea-Bridals-04Chelsea-Bridals (12)Chelsea-Bridals-06Chelsea-Bridals-05Chelsea-Bridals-07Chelsea-Bridals (20)Chelsea-Bridals (21)Chelsea-Bridals (24)Chelsea-Bridals-10Chelsea-Bridals-09Chelsea-Bridals (25)Chelsea-Bridals-08Chelsea-Bridals (44)Chelsea-Bridals-14Chelsea-Bridals-11Chelsea-Bridals-13Chelsea-Bridals-12Chelsea-Bridals (40)Chelsea-Bridals-01Chelsea-Bridals (2)


I always love doing bridals!  Don’t forget to come visit the website and book your own personal bridals session today!  We also do engagement sessions and full weddings.  We’d love to be a part of your big day.

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