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4 Great Alternatives to a Black Tux

So, you’re about to be a groom.  You want to look great for your bride, but you’re tired of the standard black tuxedo.  You’re wondering about alternatives to a black tux. I hear ya, man! Don’t get me wrong, I like the classic black.  But why should the men’s fashion be limited to only that?  […]

Wedding Pro Tip: Consider the Proposal

So there I was.  Crouched in a corner, surreptitiously glancing up over the rim of the book I was pretending to read, wearing a hat and sunglasses in a dimly-lit restaurant…all awaiting that magical moment when the nervous groom-to-be was ready to offer a proposal to the girl of his dreams. And praying that, until […]

Wedding Photography Interview

I was recently asked to do a wedding photographer interview by another fellow blogger.  I found the questions to be interesting and relevant to most brides, so I thought I’d share my answers with my own readers. Q:  What’s the first thing a bride should look for in a good photographer? A: You have to […]

Don’t Be That Guy

Recently, a fellow photographer posted an image on Facebook from a recent wedding, which sparked a lengthy discussion about proper wedding photography etiquette. There were moments that became almost heated, actually.  There were lots of strong opinions thrown out there, and I’ll admit to having some fairly colorful retorts myself when I saw the image […]

Don’t Fret the Rainy Days

Recently I read an article on a young photographer’s blog about why she refuses to photograph her subjects on rainy days or cloudy days.  She detailed several reasons why doing sessions on days that were raining or overcast were not ideal or wise, and even stated that she rescheduled or cancelled client sessions based on […]

Drinking at a Wedding

Recently I came across an article listing a few of the more disastrous mishaps occurring when there was extensive drinking at a wedding. Not long before that particular find, I discovered this little doozy making its rounds in Internet Land.  (The looks that bride is throwing this woman — daggers, folks.) Personally, I’m not a […]