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Share Your Ears: Models in Mickey Ears

So, have you heard of the new Share Your Ears campaign? Well, we couldn’t believe our luck!  My favorite group of fun-loving models and photographers has been planning a “Models in Mickey Ears” photo shoot for months, and we finalized it only weeks ago. So imagine our delight and surprise when we discovered the Share […]

Red Valentine’s Fashion Shoot

When in doubt, wear red.  ~Bill Blass There is a shade of red for every woman.  ~Audrey Hepburn A blond in a red dress can do without instructions — but not without a bodyguard.  ~Rona Jaffe Just the color red makes me smile.  ~unknown Red is not just a color, it’s a state of mind.  […]

Mother Goddess Maternity Glam

“Mother Goddess: When I doubt, show me strength; when I am wrong, show me the right path; light the crossroads before me, that I may see the way.  Mother Goddess, bless my journeys, through dark and dawn, day and dusk.” “In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess.”  ~N.K. Jemison Earlier this year, I […]

Wren Fashion Portraits

Recently, I got to do a fashion portraits session with a beautiful young woman named Wren. Yes, like the bird.  🙂  (Loved her name, by the way.) Wren is currently working as an independent film actress, and is highly active in the local film community!  We’ve been trying for months to put together the right […]

Sailing With Models: Nautical Shoot

“Happiness is sailing all your troubles away.” There’s really nothing quite like enjoying a bright Saturday morning by doing a little sailing!  You add a few fabulous models into the mix and I call that a win all around. Last weekend, a group of fun-loving and adventurous models and photographers (naturally including myself) decided to […]

Kaeleigh’s Princess Portraits

Sometimes I do get to take a quick break from photographing weddings and brides, and instead get to photograph a graduating senior. I loved this particular session we did for Kaeleigh.  She did a series of princess portraits that really showcase more of who she is.  This is one of the things I enjoy about […]

Portraits: Nanette

Behold, the beautiful Nanette.  A sweet young woman and talented ballroom dancer. I may not have ever said this before, but I must admit that I absolutely love working with dancers.  They’re very easy to photograph.  They have a fine and unique understanding of their own bodies, which makes them easy to pose.  They also […]

Portraits: Exotic Sela

Loved this first portraits session of 2015. I got to work with this fabulous young model.  She had a slightly more exotic look to her, which I really liked.  She was easy to work with, had a great sense of humor, and gave me lots of ideas for possible future shoots! What a great way […]

Best of 2014

Every year I put together a “best of” gallery — just a collection of what I believe to be my best work of the year, my personal favorites from a variety of photo shoots.  This is my Best of 2014 collection. Naturally, right at the top of the list would have to be the amazing […]

Portraits: Just Like Sisters

I really like it when models can get along together so well.  These two were a part of a large portrait photo shoot, and you would almost think they were sisters!  But truthfully they’re not even related!  (Sssshhh, it’s our little secret.)  But the way they were almost immediately joking together, laughing at the same […]

Portraits: Motorcycle Chick

Not my “usual” type of portraits session, I suppose…but I had fun with this! Okay, story time. I was on my way to a session and, pulling into the agreed-upon meeting place, there happened to be a random motorcycle with a “For Sale” sign parked to the side. This model hopped out of the car […]

Portraits: Black Widow Session

Sometimes it’s fun just to do a “me” project — and believe me, I have some serious pet projects in mind that I’d love to get going! This one was, oddly enough, inspired by a hat. I was shopping for Halloween stuff for my own costume (which is not scary in the least unless you […]

Portraits of a Classy Lady (Part I)

Ah, if only every model I ever photographed were so easy and fun to work with! Last night’s portrait session was a joy.  This woman has been through some interesting trials in her life, but she comes out of it dancing and smiling and ready to tackle the next thing!  She handles her life with […]

Portraits: McKenzie’s Little Black Dress

Every woman needs a classic “little black dress.” This young model was a joy to work with.  A dancer, quiet and sweet, with a beautiful smile.  The full package.  We had a great time with her session! One of the things you often have to do as a photographer is be creative with your surroundings.  […]