Caitlin’s Bridals

Say hello to the beautiful Caitlin!  As well as her sweet significant other, Jordan.

Caitlin and Jordan are in fact celebrating their two-year anniversary today!  Many congratulations to them!

This lovely young woman is someone I met through ballroom dancing — one of countless dancers I know from my days not only on the university’s dance team, but even more so through the years I photographed national ballroom dance competitions.  Caitlin was an absolute joy to watch on the dance floor.  And she’s an incredibly sweet person off the floor as well!  Talented and intelligent.  Spunky and fun-loving.  Tasteful and elegant with plenty of unique pizzazz all her own!  Jordan is more of a shy fellow, but very proud of Caitlin and her dancing abilities.  Once we got him laughing, he was equally charming to work with.  The two were obviously so in love.

I was sadly unable to photograph their actual wedding, which took place in San Diego.  However, I did have the privilege and honor to photograph a beautiful series of bridals for her, as well as some engagement shots of the two of them together.

Her gown was beautifully unique, and seemed to suit her beautifully.  Soft, frothy skirts which were great for playing with on the breezy day we photographed her bridals.  But my favorite aspect was probably the rows of lace and ribbon and bead work that made up the bodice of her dress.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything else quite like it.  Subtle but richly textured.

Here’s to many, many more years of wedded bliss for Caitlin and Jordan!

Caitlin-Bridals (13)Caitlin-Windy-BridalsCaitlin-Bridals-3Caitlin-Bridals-4Caitlin-Bridals (12)Caitlin-Bridals-1Caitlin-Bridals (2)Caitlin-Bridal-DetailsCaitlin-Bridals-2Caitlin-Bridals (16)Caitlin-Jordan-Engagements-1Caitlin-Jordan-Engagements-2Caitlin-Jordan-Engagements-3Caitlin-Jordan-Engagements-4

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