Brittany and Shaun’s Bella Vista Wedding

Congratulations, at last, to Brittany and Shaun — or in other words, Mr. and Mrs. Haws!  You’ve seen their engagement session, and just a couple of weeks ago I revealed Brittany’s bridals session.  Well, yesterday I finally got to see the completion of this story by photographing their wedding!  This Utah couple got married at the Mormon temple in American Fork (the Mt. Timpanogos Temple) and then had a lovely reception at Bella Vista.

This was my first time ever photographing a wedding at Bella Vista.  They did a great job with the space provided.  The reception was simple, sweet, and very “them.”

Brittany chose purple for her major color.  She included her sisters as bridesmaids (one of them is a very dear personal friend of mine, by the way) and her nieces as flower girls.

For those who don’t know, Mormon weddings are slightly different than most other weddings, in that you are not allowed to photograph ceremonies inside the temples.  So we battled for space outside the Mt. Timpanogos temple with several other brides to get wedding party shots at their venue.  It’s June, so it was a pretty busy day!  But Brittany and Shaun just took it in stride.

Check out their adorable wedding!  And make sure to say CONGRATS to the newest Haws family!

Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (13)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (6)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-01Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-02Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-03Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-04Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-11Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (29)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-10Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-11Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-09Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-08Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-07Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-06Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-05Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-12Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-13Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-16Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (47)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (48)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (49)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-17Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (54)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-18Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (57)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (58)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (59)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (60)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (61)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-19Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-14Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (38)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (39)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (68)Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-15Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-20Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-22Brittany-Shaun-Wedding-21Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (75)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (76)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (77)Brittany-and-Shaun-Wedding (78)I have loved every minute of this journey with Brittany and Shaun.  And they have so much yet to discover!


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