Bridals and Belly Dancing

Oh my goodness, I have seriously had the best — and most adventurous — brides lately!  I had the opportunity to photograph this amazing woman over the weekend, and out of a pure sense of fun and a desire to showcase her personality and talents, we opted to combine bridals and belly dancing to create a completely unique photo shoot.

Nikki (the fabulous bride) and Aaron (that would be the groom) actually won my door prize at the very first bridal fair I ever attended, several years ago in Provo, Utah.  They stopped by my booth and we had a great — and fairly lengthy — conversation.  They seemed incredibly interested in getting some photos taken, and I wished them luck and hoped for the best.  Not half an hour later, they came dancing up to me, wide smiles on their faces, proudly holding up my gift certificate and saying, “We won your door prize!  You were our favorite and we won your prize!!!”  They were so unbelievably excited, and I couldn’t have been happier.

However, due to Nikki needing some fairly extensive jaw surgery, we had to put off the photo shoot for a little while.  It’s been quite some time (in fact, they are currently expecting their first child; Nikki is two months pregnant!) and the jaw reconstruction still has yet to be fully completed.  But we just couldn’t wait to do it, Nikki is a wonderfully confident lady and was ready to get this photography show on the road.  So the bridals and belly dancing shoot was about to commence!

So while I was doing some Destination Utah wedding shoots, we set up her session at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes down in Kanab.  We started with the belly dancing and moved on to the bridals.

Personally, I think she looks like a gypsy in her belly dancing costumes!

I must say, I absolutely loved her gown!  It was gorgeous.  And for the record, in spite of the fact that we were crawling around on sand dunes for more than an hour, this did not end up being a trash-the-dress shoot.  Her dress came away perfectly clean in the end!  No dresses were harmed in the making of this shoot.

And to round out this bridals and belly dancing combo, we had her take one of her belly dancing veils and play with it.  I thought it was a nice way to bring the themes together.


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