Wedding Pro Tip: Consider the Proposal

Wedding-ProposalSo there I was.  Crouched in a corner, surreptitiously glancing up over the rim of the book I was pretending to read, wearing a hat and sunglasses in a dimly-lit restaurant…all awaiting that magical moment when the nervous groom-to-be was ready to offer a proposal to the girl of his dreams.

And praying that, until the moment of the proposal itself, I would not get caught.

You see, not too long before this, I had received an urgent phone call from a friend, giving me private intell that one of my dearest friends was about to become engaged.  What was I doing right that second, and could I make my way lickety-split to the romantic little Italian restaurant where said proposal was set to happen?  Because the bride was going to want photographic evidence of one of the best single moments in her life.

How could I say no?!

It became a huge conspiracy.  All the wait staff was in on it.  Heck, I’m pretty sure several other patrons were aware of the situation just based on our not-so-spy-like behavior.  (Thankfully, the boyfriend was so engrossed in his own devious plans that everything but the woman across the table from him completely disappeared.)  The waiters placed me at a tiny table directly facing the private little nook where boy and girl were enjoying a candlelit dinner.  My camera sat in my lap so it could not be seen and give the game away.  The waiter asked me a couple of times when would be the best place to give her the pre-arranged bouquet of flowers with the ring sitting in the center — before dessert or after?  Everyone wanted to make sure this was perfect for the couple.

And then it happened.  The accordion player came into the private room and began to sing “Bella Notte” whilst a lovely bouquet of flowers was placed in front of the girl and she discovered her perfect ring sitting neatly inside.  Menus flew and sunglasses and hat were whipped off as I abandoned my post and readied the camera, just before the man got down on one knee and asked those four fabulous words: “Will you marry me?”

It was a fabulous night!  We still laugh about it and remember the details fondly.

Years earlier, I was approached by a friend getting ready to propose to his girlfriend.  He wanted to know if he could include me in the proposal plans.  We went to a local park, where he had set up his scheme.  A huge block of ice with the words “Will you marry me?” carved into it housed a prop ring. And the table it was placed on bore an array of weapons meant to retrieve the ring.  Swords and knives, a hatchet, even a small torch.  The videographer and I were hiding behind trees like regular paparazzi, zooming in on the bride-to-be as she assessed the situation.

“I can get into the ice block any way I want?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, reaching for a couple of the weapons to hand her.

And she picked up the ice block, ran to the edge of the platform they were on, and threw it triumphantly on the stone walkway beneath, shattering it.

Brides are eager to wear that ring.  🙂  No toying around with various small weaponry required.

I loved being a part of these memories.  The marriage proposal is a part of the wedding story.  These brides and grooms loved having those moments captured.  Yes, it is trickier than the wedding itself, given its secretive nature.  But it’s absolutely worth it.  There are whole sites dedicated to telling marriage proposal stories, people always love them!  After all, isn’t one of the first questions we always ask the bride “How did he propose?”  What better way to tell the story than through pictures?  And sure, you can reenact the proposal, but you’re never going to be able to repeat the genuine expression on a woman’s face as she realizes what just happened.

So consider hiring a photographer to start your wedding story from the beginning.  Do the whole thing, from “He asked” to “I do.”  You won’t regret it.


Are you planning a proposal yourself?  Or are you already engaged and planning your wedding?  Time to book your photographer, to make sure those greatest memories are preserved for a lifetime!  Visit the website and book your wedding photography package today!



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