Best of 2014

Every year I put together a “best of” gallery — just a collection of what I believe to be my best work of the year, my personal favorites from a variety of photo shoots.  This is my Best of 2014 collection.

Naturally, right at the top of the list would have to be the amazing wedding I was able to do at Disneyland — fulfilling a long-time dream of mine.

And then there was my other California wedding, done in the Bay Area, with this gorgeous bride:

There was also this lovely bride:

And of course, this fabulous Utah bride who opted to take winter bridals at the Midway Ice Castles.

One thing I loved trying this year was a costumed themed shoot.  This couple was delightful with their Little Mermaid theme!

And speaking of themes, I think my favorite themed shoot of the year was the Masquerade shoot we did in November.

There was also this beautiful ice queen model:

Or this beautiful water elemental:

And of course there was the ever-popular Gatsby shoot:

And this doll-themed shoot:

And I even got to wrap up my year with a really fun Christmas-themed photo shoot!

I think one of my favorite shoots of the year would have to be this beautiful woman, one of the most natural models I have ever worked with:

And I loved the “Black Widow” session we did.

I think my favorite studio portrait was this boudoir-style model:

We did this fantastic fall session with this beautiful model:

Not to mention this one:

And last, but most certainly not least in this Best of 2014 lineup, my favorite senior portrait session of the year:

Here’s to an upcoming new year, with more great photo sessions to come!


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