Inspiration: Ballet Shoes and Ostrich Feathers

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve shared some good wedding inspiration with you, and it’s high time I did!  I’ve found some great stuff this week, ranging from designs incorporating ostrich feathers to sweet centerpieces featuring ballet shoes that every dancer would love!

So, much as I love flowers, what do you do when a bride is allergic to them, or doesn’t particularly like them?  Elly B came up with a fabulous concept involving ostrich feathers!  They have all the grace of flowers, with an added sense of classic Hollywood glamour.

And speaking of ostrich feathers, get a load of this fantastic reception decor featured by Munaluchi Bride!

Of course, if you’re like me, there’s nothing quite like flowers. Among my personal favorites are orchids, and this particular Karen Tran centerpiece is a stunner with its gentle cascade creating a feathery look.  And of course there’s that touch of bling!


And if you like cascading floral arrangements with a little sparkle to them, feast your eyes on this Beverly Wiltshire wedding designed by White Lilac.

Event at Beverly Wilshire by White Lilac Inc

You can choose to go simpler with your flowers, like this romantically lit reception with displays of simple calla lilies, featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.


Or add funky modern twists for fashionable minimalist look.


There’s nothing like classic white for a wedding ceremony, like this elegant setting found on WedLuxe.


And you really cannot get more classic than roses.  This graceful reception with its multi-layered decor and chandeliers has “timeless” written all over it.


With all this flower talk, who’s up for a garden wedding or two?  I loved this charmingly elegant garden reception I found featured on A Good Affair‘s Instagram feed.


And there’s this stunner at Chateau Cocomar — which, by the way, is about to become a Wedding Wish-List item!

Garden Reception at Chateau Cocomar

I’m kind of hooked on floral arches these days, and I am loving this one!  Perfect setting for that first kiss.


And then there’s always going whole-hog and creating a fantasy wedding like this Alice In Wonderland inspired feature from White Rabbit Photo Boutique.  I’m dying.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Garden Reception

Or this uniquely fabulous outdoor-turned-indoor reception.


Or create a whimsical garden scene of your own making, like this design by Ambiance by Goldi.

Ambiance by Goldi

You can always incorporate flowers into your wedding cake, like this amazing many-tiered cake with its Parisian Cherry Blossom Garden theme.  It’s almost too pretty to eat.


For a change of pace, I always love a little Asian inspiration as well.


Several months ago, I did a wish-list feature on The Coppelia, and I had to share more, including this Asian-themed bling bouquet inspired by blue and white Chinese vases.


And then there is this one inspired by Marie Antoinette.


Last but not least for today, I did find this adorable centerpiece that made the dancer in me do pirouettes.  I am loving the little pink pointe shoes included in the centerpieces for this Parrish Designs event!  Perfect for a ballerina’s wedding.


Whew!  Going into idea overload yet?  I love what creative people can do with even a basic idea.  Don’t you?


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