Autumn Garden Engagements: Mallory and Chris

One doesn’t normally think of “autumn” and “garden” in the same sentence, but I recently had the pleasure of working with Mallory and Chris on a unique autumn garden engagements session.

I love autumn, and I happen to love gardens, so this worked out great!  We chose a local public park with a beautiful series of well-kept-up gardens, where flowers were still blooming but autumn was just beginning to offer its own touches.  This way, we got to combine some fun fall fashion with lots of fun flowers and manicured landscaping.

Mallory and Chris were fantastic to work with!  (I know every photographer always says they have the best couples, but I really do feel like I get to work with so many awesome people!)  Chris was much more reserved and quiet, but Mallory and I jabbered away like old friends.  I loved her name immediately; it’s one you don’t often here anymore, but it reminded me of a character in a series of books I grew up reading and loving — The Babysitter’s Club.  (Okay, I’ll admit, they’re still a nostalgic guilty pleasure — don’t judge.  😉 )  She also has relatives who own a small castle near Paris — so I’m thinking Yes!  Trip to Paris!  Anyone want to have their wedding at a castle in Paris?  I got connections for ya!

For now, enjoy Mallory and Chris’s autumn garden engagements:

Want to know what Mallory herself said about her engagement portraits session experience?  “She instantly made my fiance feel at ease, which was quite refreshing as he typically doesn’t enjoy being photographed.  We laughed, we shared, and most importantly we had some seriously awesome photos taken of us!”


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