Announcing Baby…Whatzit? Gender Reveal Portraits

Meet Kassandra and Danny.  An incredibly sweet couple.  Kassandra and Danny are happily engaged and expecting their first child in a few months.  Kassandra came to me asking if we could do a gender reveal portrait session to make her big announcement.

But here’s the fun catch: They don’t even know their baby’s gender yet!

This couple can’t wait to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl.  They’ll find out this weekend, but as part of the fun of anticipating with everyone, they decided to do a photo shoot with options for both possibilities.  We decided to have a little bit of fun and maybe even add to the excitement a little with this particular gender reveal experience.

We did start with a couple of sweet portraits of just the two of them.  We visited a local park, and happened to come across this quote someone had written in chalk on the steps.  I can’t even take credit for coming up with this one, but we just had to take advantage of it!  It fit so well.  And the couple just loved it.

Then it was time to get into the actual gender reveal ideas.

Based on a previous concept she really liked, we decided to use balloons for this particular photo session.  We liked playing up that it’s still a secret!

He wants a girl, and she wants a boy.  He is quite possibly even more giddy about this than she is — you should have seen the way he couldn’t help smiling when we had him say “I’m gonna be a daddy!”  Ear to ear, guys.  Biggest smile I’ve ever seen on an expectant father.

But either way, I think they’re just happy they’re doing it together.

So, what’s it gonna be, folks?  Boy or girl?  I’m taking bets!  🙂


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