4 Great Alternatives to a Black Tux

So, you’re about to be a groom.  You want to look great for your bride, but you’re tired of the standard black tuxedo.  You’re wondering about alternatives to a black tux.

I hear ya, man!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the classic black.  But why should the men’s fashion be limited to only that?  There’s nothing wrong with a bit of variety in style, and there are some good ones!  Here’s a list of my favorite alternatives to a black tux.

The Grey Suit
4-alternatives-to-a-black-tux-gray-tuxedo-wedding-attireThe grey suit or tux is, admittedly, much more photo-friendly than the standard black.  It is closer in its shade to the white gown the bride is wearing, so each person stands out equally.  When trying to expose for two opposite extremes — white and black — simultaneously, a photographer often runs the risk of either washing out the beautiful bridal gown and losing the details, or making the groom far too dark.  The grey simply allows for an easier way to see everyone clearly with very little hassle.  And I have found that they always look nice and crisp!  I love a grey tux.  Every shade from the soft dove grey to the richer charcoal.  This opens up a lot of options for the groom.

Plus, this would be a lot cooler on a warm day than the harsh black tux would!  🙂

The Brown Suit

Brown, tan, khaki…however you want to word it, this a fantastic alternative for a groom and his groomsmen!  It’s subtle, but adds a little spice to the wedding party, it’s classy, it’s a bit more unique, and often brings out different elements in the wedding.  Seriously, check out that dapper wedding party up there!  Don’t they look great?

And the brown suit is actually perfect for a beach wedding!
The Kilt
The kilt is a really fun option for grooms!  I admit, the fact that my own boyfriend is of Scottish heritage and always proud to wear his kilt does bias me just a tad…but it really does work!  It’s a great way to add both culture and color into your wedding party.  (And the opportunities for hilarious photo opps are endless!  Just be tasteful, guys, please.  😉 )

The White Tux
4-alternatives-to-a-black-tux-white-wedding-tuxedoOf all the alternatives to a black tux, this one is my personal favorite.  The white tux is the most formal a guy can possibly be — that’s right, white tie is even more formal than black tie!  You’ll match your bride quite nicely with both of you in white, making you stand out completely as the one-and-only bride and groom.  And if you’re feeling really snazzy, go whole-hog and make it a tux with tails!  I knew a groom who actually did the white tux with tails, top hat, gloves, and cane!  I admit, I kinda swooned a little.

And hey — bonus! — with the white tux, you’ll totally look like James Bond.  😉
So, if you don’t particularly care for the black tux and want to be a bit more unique on your own wedding day, there’s hope!  Whichever alternative you choose, you’re bound to look fantastic on your wedding day.

Just as long as you don’t wear this:

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