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4 Great Alternatives to a Black Tux

So, you’re about to be a groom.  You want to look great for your bride, but you’re tired of the standard black tuxedo.  You’re wondering about alternatives to a black tux. I hear ya, man! Don’t get me wrong, I like the classic black.  But why should the men’s fashion be limited to only that?  […]

Can Disney Weddings Get Any Better?

It’s no secret I’m a Disney nerd, and that I think Disney weddings are the epitome of magic and enchantment.  Every time I see a happily-ever-after by Disney I sigh and think “Can Disney weddings get any better?!” Well, folks, as of yesterday, the answer to that question is a resounding YES! I have always […]

Inspiration: Ballet Shoes and Ostrich Feathers

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve shared some good wedding inspiration with you, and it’s high time I did!  I’ve found some great stuff this week, ranging from designs incorporating ostrich feathers to sweet centerpieces featuring ballet shoes that every dancer would love! So, much as I love flowers, what do you do […]

Share Your Ears: Models in Mickey Ears

So, have you heard of the new Share Your Ears campaign? Well, we couldn’t believe our luck!  My favorite group of fun-loving models and photographers has been planning a “Models in Mickey Ears” photo shoot for months, and we finalized it only weeks ago. So imagine our delight and surprise when we discovered the Share […]

Red Valentine’s Fashion Shoot

When in doubt, wear red.  ~Bill Blass There is a shade of red for every woman.  ~Audrey Hepburn A blond in a red dress can do without instructions — but not without a bodyguard.  ~Rona Jaffe Just the color red makes me smile.  ~unknown Red is not just a color, it’s a state of mind.  […]

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: David Tutera

It should surprise no one that I’m a huge fan of famous wedding planner David Tutera.  I was absolutely obsessed with his show “My Fair Wedding,” and actually own the first four seasons on my Kindle.  David Tutera is truly a wedding visionary.  His designs are always unique, beyond beautiful, full of personality, and definitely […]

I Love You More Than Swords

“I love you more than life itself.” Probably one of the most well-used love phrases in the book, right? Much less common is the phrase “I love you more than swords.”  But that perfectly fits the couple I photographed this weekend! Please congratulate Alayna and Danny on their recent engagement!  Alayna is one of my […]

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Plaza Hotel

Let’s start off this year’s Wedding Wish List series with a bang, shall we?  The Plaza Hotel. Located at the intersection of Central Park and Fifth Avenue, The Plaza Hotel is New York City’s crown jewel, an iconic landmark of sophistication, luxury, and timeless elegance.  From its world-class accommodations, impeccable service, and opulent design — […]

Wedding Moments, Kelsey and Daniel

Wedding moments are the best, aren’t they?  I recently participated in a podcast interview in which I talked about how I photograph weddings, and what I focus on.  And it’s all about the moments for me.  The moments are what make the day memorable — all those individual little seconds in time that create the […]

7 Tips For Christmas Mail

Many times over the years, I have worked for the post office during the crazy Christmas mail season.  Working behind the scenes, telling the electronic scanners where the mail is going when they have difficulty deciphering it…it’s hectic work, and postal employees go through millions of unreadable letters and packages every single day during the […]

Prayers for Paris

“America is my country, and Paris is my hometown.”  -Gertrude Stein A few years ago, I had the great pleasure of visiting — quite briefly — the beautiful city of Paris.  I absolutely fell in love!  It truly deserves its reputation as one of the most romantic cities on earth.  I hated to leave.  Naturally, […]

Laura Bridals Session

My latest bridal feature is the lovely and romantic Laura. And no, she’s not my favorite just because we share the same name.  😉  (Though I admit I have always felt that the name Laura was inherently romantic…but I digress.) Laura is quite honestly one of the sweetest brides I have ever worked with.  And […]

Inspiration: Blush Florals and Venetian Grandeur

After a quick and crazy weekend at Disneyland and several fantastic photo-shoots that will shortly make their up to the blog, I can finally get back to putting together a little bit of wedding inspiration for your enjoyment — from beautiful blush florals to the crazy grandeur of a high-end Venetian affair. These beautifully soft […]

Magda and Eddy Bridals and Groomals

Meet Magda and Eddy!  My latest bride and groom. Aren’t they beautiful?! Magda (short for Magdalena) is a quiet but deeply passionate young woman with creative aspirations and a warm, kind heart.  Eddy has a wild spirit and enjoys athletic pursuits — especially acrobatics!  Both can be adventurous and fun-loving, but she certainly softens him […]

Ashley and Garrett Bridals and Groomals

Well, we recently celebrated the romance of Ashley and Garrett with an adorable autumn engagement session at Gardner Village. I just got to do even more with them by doing a “bridals and groomals” (to coin a new term) wedding photography mini-session.  Admittedly, still heavily focused on the bride — but with the added bonus […]

Mother Goddess Maternity Glam

“Mother Goddess: When I doubt, show me strength; when I am wrong, show me the right path; light the crossroads before me, that I may see the way.  Mother Goddess, bless my journeys, through dark and dawn, day and dusk.” “In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess.”  ~N.K. Jemison Earlier this year, I […]

Chelsea Bridals Sesssion

Anyone remember Mike and Chelsea?  We did their engagement session earlier this year in downtown Salt Lake City — and they were absolutely incredible! Mike and Chelsea got married recently in Las Vegas.  They wanted me as their photographer, but unfortunately all the resorts in Vegas force you to use their photographer, they won’t let […]

Maddy Bridals at Provo Falls

Everyone, meet the fabulous Maddy! Maddy is my latest amazing bride, and working with her was totally awesome! We chose to do Maddy’s bridals session at a beautiful local waterfall in the Utah mountains.  (I do love the mountains in Utah, guys.)  The gorgeous Provo Falls (ironically not anywhere near Provo Canyon or the city […]

Autumn Garden Engagements: Mallory and Chris

One doesn’t normally think of “autumn” and “garden” in the same sentence, but I recently had the pleasure of working with Mallory and Chris on a unique autumn garden engagements session. I love autumn, and I happen to love gardens, so this worked out great!  We chose a local public park with a beautiful series […]

Engagements: Ashley and Garrett

Say hello — and congratulations! — to Ashley and Garrett, my latest adorable couple. Ashley and Garrett are actually part-time models and I’ve worked with them before on various projects.  Both are fun-loving and adventurous, eager to live their lives fully.  Garrett is a singer, hoping to get his Master’s, and he is currently performing […]

Rockin’ Couple, Wilmara and David

Say hello to one of my recent couples — Wilmara and David! This rockin’ pair is actually celebrating their one-year anniversary.  Because they didn’t really have any photos from their wedding, they’ve decided to have some fun now in getting some shots to remember their love, and commemorate their Big Day.  We started with a […]

Wren Fashion Portraits

Recently, I got to do a fashion portraits session with a beautiful young woman named Wren. Yes, like the bird.  🙂  (Loved her name, by the way.) Wren is currently working as an independent film actress, and is highly active in the local film community!  We’ve been trying for months to put together the right […]

Fall Wedding Inspiration

The temperatures are cooling.  The sun is going down earlier and rising later.  The leaves are turning colors.  The air is crisp and has a wonderful bite to it.  That’s right, it is autumn, my friends! Today is the autumnal equinox, the first official day of fall, so in lieu of my usual Wedding Wish-List […]

Jasmin Bridals

I love working with brides on their bridals sessions.  I feel it really brings out some of their unique and individual personality. This particular bride, Jasmin, had her bridals mini-session outdoors, near a gorgeous waterfall. She also had not one, but two different bridal gowns to work with.  Meaning we had two slightly different styles […]

Sailing With Models: Nautical Shoot

“Happiness is sailing all your troubles away.” There’s really nothing quite like enjoying a bright Saturday morning by doing a little sailing!  You add a few fabulous models into the mix and I call that a win all around. Last weekend, a group of fun-loving and adventurous models and photographers (naturally including myself) decided to […]

Country Chic Bride at Wheeler Farm

I have been impatiently sitting on this bridal portrait session for months now, and I am thrilled to finally release this beautiful bride’s photos! Sara is my fabulous “country chic” bride.  She opted to take her bridals at historic Wheeler Farm, which was an absolutely wonderful location to shoot!  Wheeler Farm has not only a […]

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: The Coppelia

Several months ago, I mentioned in another Wedding Wish-List Wednesday post about my enchantment with the idea of the “bling bouquet.”  Anything blingtastic and I’m there.  And The Coppelia, a company run out of Singapore, is one of the best I have ever seen! Naturally, I found The Coppelia on Instagram.  The website itself must […]

Wedding Pro Tip: Consider the Proposal

So there I was.  Crouched in a corner, surreptitiously glancing up over the rim of the book I was pretending to read, wearing a hat and sunglasses in a dimly-lit restaurant…all awaiting that magical moment when the nervous groom-to-be was ready to offer a proposal to the girl of his dreams. And praying that, until […]

Wedding Photography Interview

I was recently asked to do a wedding photographer interview by another fellow blogger.  I found the questions to be interesting and relevant to most brides, so I thought I’d share my answers with my own readers. Q:  What’s the first thing a bride should look for in a good photographer? A: You have to […]

Happy Fourth of July!

I love holidays, and I love my country.  The Fourth of July is such a wonderful thing for Americans to celebrate.  My everyone’s holiday be a reminder of the greatness we should aspire to as a free country.  We should be proud of our heritage as Americans, and never let us forget what we are […]

Fourth Of July Engagement Session

I’m a huge fan of holidays.  Seriously, give me a reason to celebrate and I’m there! So I couldn’t resist the idea of doing a Fourth of July engagement portrait session with this adorable couple! Meet my two little firecrackers, Amoriese and Brandt.  The most adorable patriotic couple I have ever seen!  When the concept […]

Don’t Be That Guy

Recently, a fellow photographer posted an image on Facebook from a recent wedding, which sparked a lengthy discussion about proper wedding photography etiquette. There were moments that became almost heated, actually.  There were lots of strong opinions thrown out there, and I’ll admit to having some fairly colorful retorts myself when I saw the image […]

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: The Ringling

Whenever I heard the word “Ringling,” I naturally think of The Ringling Brothers and their famous circus. And that is, indeed, where Sarasota’s beautiful Ringling Museum comes from!  There may not be three rings, or acrobats, or elephants and tigers.  But the Ringling Museum is a perfect place for a romantic and elegant wedding. The […]

Downtown Engagement Portraits, Chelsea and Mike

Meet Chelsea and Mike!  We took their engagement portraits last night, and they turned out fabulous! Chelsea and Mike actually won their engagement portraits session in a recent Facebook contest I ran, and I am so glad I got the chance to work with these two!  They were incredibly fun and easy to work with.  […]

Brittany and Shaun’s Bella Vista Wedding

Congratulations, at last, to Brittany and Shaun — or in other words, Mr. and Mrs. Haws!  You’ve seen their engagement session, and just a couple of weeks ago I revealed Brittany’s bridals session.  Well, yesterday I finally got to see the completion of this story by photographing their wedding!  This Utah couple got married at […]

Kaeleigh’s Princess Portraits

Sometimes I do get to take a quick break from photographing weddings and brides, and instead get to photograph a graduating senior. I loved this particular session we did for Kaeleigh.  She did a series of princess portraits that really showcase more of who she is.  This is one of the things I enjoy about […]

Rustic Bride at the LC Ranch

There’s no denying it, the rustic bride is still a popular choice thematically for a wedding.  And my most recent bride happens to have relatives who own the perfect rustic wedding spot — the LC Ranch. While the LC Ranch could never be called luxurious or opulent, it has its own quaint charm that works […]

Salt Lake City Bride, Brittany

A couple of months ago, I got together with this adorable couple to get them started on the photographic story of their wedding.  Brittany and Shaun will finally be tying the knot in a couple of weeks here, but today we focused on just the bride, Brittany. Brittany has been excited for her bridals session […]

Kathryn’s State Capitol Bridals

Doing bridals portrait sessions are still always a favorite thing for me.  They really are the perfect way to showcase a bride and her individual beauty.  A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to do a state capitol bridals session with the lovely Kathryn.  She’s getting married in just a couple of weeks, […]

Engaged in a Garden: Brittany and Joe

I love working with adorable couples like this!  Over the weekend, I got to photograph a sweet engagements session for Brittany and Joe. Brittany and Joe chose to take their photos in a park and garden setting, surrounded by roses, fountains, and trees.  The location was actually the spot where Joe initially proposed to Brittany, […]

Don’t Fret the Rainy Days

Recently I read an article on a young photographer’s blog about why she refuses to photograph her subjects on rainy days or cloudy days.  She detailed several reasons why doing sessions on days that were raining or overcast were not ideal or wise, and even stated that she rescheduled or cancelled client sessions based on […]

Wedding Wish-List Wednesday: Boca Resort

So, I’ve kinda been saving this particular favorite for a special occasion.  Well, today’s my birthday, and I guess that’s occasion enough.  🙂  One of the very first Florida wedding locations that ever caught my eye was the beautiful Boca Resort and Club!  Naturally to be found in Boca Raton on South Florida’s Gold Coast.  […]

Caitlin’s Bridals

Say hello to the beautiful Caitlin!  As well as her sweet significant other, Jordan. Caitlin and Jordan are in fact celebrating their two-year anniversary today!  Many congratulations to them! This lovely young woman is someone I met through ballroom dancing — one of countless dancers I know from my days not only on the university’s […]

Drinking at a Wedding

Recently I came across an article listing a few of the more disastrous mishaps occurring when there was extensive drinking at a wedding. Not long before that particular find, I discovered this little doozy making its rounds in Internet Land.  (The looks that bride is throwing this woman — daggers, folks.) Personally, I’m not a […]

Utah Krishna Bride, Stephanie

I know, I know, I’m falling behind on my blogging.  The inward scoldings will commence shortly.  🙂 Several weeks ago, even before doing my Holi Festival bride at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple, I did a completely different Krisha bride shoot with a lovely young woman named Stephanie. Stephanie is actually from Denmark originally.  […]

Bridals and Belly Dancing

Oh my goodness, I have seriously had the best — and most adventurous — brides lately!  I had the opportunity to photograph this amazing woman over the weekend, and out of a pure sense of fun and a desire to showcase her personality and talents, we opted to combine bridals and belly dancing to create […]

Holi Festival Trash the Dress

So, remember the beautiful Aubrey from a couple of days ago?  Well, I did promise you that we did something pretty spectacular for the rest of her bridal shoot. To tell you the truth, I have never really been the hugest fan of trash the dress photo shoots.  My thought process was always “Why spend […]

Colorful Bride, Aubrey

Recently I enjoyed a very unique opportunity.  My boyfriend’s beautiful young daughter, Aubrey, got married.  (And a big congratulations to her!)  I was honored when she asked me to take her wedding photographs, and obviously I did so gladly.  I mean, how could I not?!  🙂  And it quickly became apparent that Aubrey would be […]

Classic Bride, Natalie

As much as I love luxury, opulence, and even a bit of extravagance in a wedding, there is also something to be said for a simple, classic bride. Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet young woman, Natalie, whose taste for the simpler classic look put me in mind of a Greek […]

Announcing Baby…Whatzit? Gender Reveal Portraits

Meet Kassandra and Danny.  An incredibly sweet couple.  Kassandra and Danny are happily engaged and expecting their first child in a few months.  Kassandra came to me asking if we could do a gender reveal portrait session to make her big announcement. But here’s the fun catch: They don’t even know their baby’s gender yet! […]

On Themed Weddings

You know, if I couldn’t be a wedding photographer, I would be a wedding planner.  (Yes, I am that obsessed with weddings.)  In fact, I’ve even been considering taking a wedding planning course or two, just for the fun of it!  And I get even more anxious to try one, if only to help people […]

Engagements: Brittany and Shaun

Say hello to Brittany and Sean!  We did a fun engagement portraits session for this happy couple over the weekend, and I loved working with them!  They will be getting married this coming June. (And I love June weddings!) Brittany is a ballroom dancer and performs on a team at a local university.  So of […]

Another Post About “The Dress”

You know the dress.  You’ve seen the dress.  The whole darn internet has seen “The Dress.” Don’t worry, we’re not about to debate the color of the dress here.  Quite enough families have been estranged lately getting into those arguments. To be honest, when I first started seeing this thing crop up all over my […]

Portraits: Nanette

Behold, the beautiful Nanette.  A sweet young woman and talented ballroom dancer. I may not have ever said this before, but I must admit that I absolutely love working with dancers.  They’re very easy to photograph.  They have a fine and unique understanding of their own bodies, which makes them easy to pose.  They also […]

Happy Anniversary to a Great Couple

A year ago, I photographed this wonderful, charming couple out in San Jose, California.  Today they celebrate one year of being blissfully married, and I want to be the first to wish them a very happy anniversary! These two had one of the most enjoyable weddings, filled with fun, friends, and so much joy.  It […]

Portraits: Exotic Sela

Loved this first portraits session of 2015. I got to work with this fabulous young model.  She had a slightly more exotic look to her, which I really liked.  She was easy to work with, had a great sense of humor, and gave me lots of ideas for possible future shoots! What a great way […]

The Knot Best of Weddings

Guys, I am so excited to announce that this year, I have been voted as one of The Knot Best of Weddings vendors for the Central Florida area! Thank you so much to all my wonderful brides, who helped make this possible! Here are a few snippets from the reviews my brides have given me […]

Best of 2014

Every year I put together a “best of” gallery — just a collection of what I believe to be my best work of the year, my personal favorites from a variety of photo shoots.  This is my Best of 2014 collection. Naturally, right at the top of the list would have to be the amazing […]

Portraits: Just Like Sisters

I really like it when models can get along together so well.  These two were a part of a large portrait photo shoot, and you would almost think they were sisters!  But truthfully they’re not even related!  (Sssshhh, it’s our little secret.)  But the way they were almost immediately joking together, laughing at the same […]

Beautiful LDS Temples

I’m a lover of art and beauty.  Always have been.  And in my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring that man makes than that which he does to honor his God.  Whichever god that may be.  Whether in the form of a cathedral, a mosque, a synagogue, a temple, or what have you, […]