About Laura

laura-bellamyI’ve always been a romantic.  And a total sucker for weddings.  Yes, I’m the one who blubbers at the “I Do’s” and gets giddy seeing a girl sporting a brand-new engagement ring.  Even as a child, I collected wedding magazines by the dozen.  When I started life as a photographer, it took me in a variety of directions, from children’s portraits to photographing national ballroom dance competitions.  But weddings were still what excited me.  I enjoy the unique ways each couple chooses to express and celebrate their love and their stories.  Though based in Central Florida, I have photographed weddings all over the country, from the red rock of southern Utah to the green forestry of Oregon; from the hustle-and-bustle of Washington, DC to the magic and enchantment of Disneyland.  More recently, I photographed a wedding in The Netherlands.  I have become dedicated to capturing those special moments that only happen once, in a classic and timeless way that will last forever.

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